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A History of Hunnypot Radio: The Birth of Edutainment

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Since its launch in 2005, Hunnypot radio has enjoyed providing its listeners with a unique radio experience. For the past seven years, we have also had some amazing fun, and have felt hugely privileged to have interviewed some of music’s most exciting artists – both those that are firmly established in the industry, through to those that are emerging onto the scene. We feel massively proud also to have not just introduced to our listeners some of the most ground-breaking up-and-coming artists the world has to offer, but also to provide these artists with an invaluable platform through which to grow solid and genuine fan bases.

Hunnypot has become something of a community. Throughout our time on air, we’ve seen interest rates in our show grow exponentially to the point where we are is seen by many people – both those working in the music industry and those that are fans of it – as “the” destination for the tastemaker. We’ve aimed to bring to you a celebration of both the old and the new, as well as bringing intelligent thought, debate and discussion around a number of current cultural and musical trends.

Authentic and honest

We believe through broadcasting via a live show, we are able to bring to you unedited, authentic and honest opinion and content. We are unrehearsed and our interviews are live and personal. We believe that to preserve real music and a transparent music industry, broadcasted content should be about being real – and that rules out pre-recorded and edited content.

Who could forget back in 2010, way before they became “big”, when we had special guests, Foster the People, as guests on show #187. On the same show, we were pleased to play other since-established artists such as Sleigh Bells and Die Antwoord.

From new artists to old

At Hunnypot, we believe in diversity and seek to represent and promote the best music from a range of genres and from various eras. Lisa Loeb’s nineties hit, ‘Stay’, was an overnight sensation. On show #127, we invited Lisa onto the show to find out what she’d been up to since then. What resulted was an amazingly frank and insightful interview – a journey into the world of Loeb since the hype of that hit single and a discovery of some of her other lesser-known tracks, such as ‘When it rains’ and ‘Are you ready for the summer?’. Classics were a theme of the show, and we played anything from Robin S’ ‘Show me love’ to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Black dog’.

Discovering the new

Far East Movement’s 2010 hit, G6, bought the LA band international recognition and success. However, did you know they were featured as ‘one to watch’ by Hunnypot Radio back in 2008? Back then, when we were lucky enough to have them perform live on our show, the group was a feisty newcomer that had enjoyed relative success from hits, ‘Lo Ridin’ and ‘Fetish’, and was starting to make waves with its attitudinal take on modern hip hop and electro music.

We also hugely enjoyed our time with the legendary Bloody Beetroots. The dark electro-clash dance group from Italy were special guests on our show back in 2009 – a time when they had recently signed to independent record label, Dim Mak Records. The group, who had enjoyed previous self-released hits such as ‘I love Bloody Beetroots’ and ‘Let your washing machine speak’, were on our show to speak about their EP, Cornelius, and made a huge impression on us and our listeners – founding member Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo sure was a character!

We were also joined by the gorgeous Duffy, who paid a visit to our Hot Tub in early 2010, and performed especially for us a handful of her sweetest tracks, including an acoustic version of her critically-acclaimed hit, Mercy.

Other highlights have been too many to list. We are proud to represent artists from a huge range of genres and have featured too many artists to keep count of. Our past roster of guests and performers has also included Jerry Heller, LaVar Burton, Designer Drugs, Love and Rocks, Concrete Blonde Coheed and Cambria, Traci Lords, Tila Tequila, Mickey Avalon, Albert Hammond, Serj Tankian, Foster The People, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Lindi Ortega, West Indian Girl, Yo Majesty, Hollywood Holt, Mic Terror, Million $ Mano, Shudder to Think, 10CC, Butterfly Boucher, Moving Units, Miranda Lee Richards, Dr. Hollywood, Juno Reactor, A1 Bassline, The BellRays, Sky Cries Mary, Gwendolyn, The Germs, Bijou Phillips, Andy Milonakis, The Coup, Rob Roy, Urberzone, Bird and the Bees, Holly Palmer, Allee Willis, Wendy Waldman, The Glass, Gram Rabbit, Mae Shi, Nino Tempo, KutMasta Kurt, Robotanists, Josie Cotton, Franki Chan, Delinquent Habits, Le Castle Vania, As Tall As Lions, The Cataracs, Dozay, Das Tapes, Baron Von Luxxury, and Louis Prima Jr.

Thanks to Imogen Reed for writing the piece.

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