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Sync Con Hollywood: Music Licensing Workshop

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Is creating music for Hollywood films, TV shows/Programming, Commercials, Video Games, a career you dream off ? You have come to the right place. SYNC CON Workshop Series is FIRST OF IT’s KIND! It’s an intimate setting workshop, dedicated to training music producers, songwriters, music creators, and aspiring music supervisors on Music Licensing and how to build a successful career in this space. Attendees are in a relaxed, non – judgmental environment, where they are free to learn and ask questions, while trained by a Music Licensing Veteran and Music Supervisor. 

Why an intimate setting? Great QUESTION! This is not a crowded conference set-up. That’s why we SELL OUT FAST! Attendees have the opportunity to be trained properly, heard, ask questions, get detailed answers, and gain thorough knowledge. Come ready to pitch! #musiclicensing

Presented by Ade Ariyo and George Prince Matthews.
Access schedule and register today at a discounted rate: www.sync-con.com
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