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Lupa - Don't Fail Me Now (Single Pick)

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While LUPA self categorizes as electronic rock music similar to Paramore this particular track is definitely not indicative of that. This female fronted act out of the UK is bringing us a dance track that sounds like an early 80s R&B groove you might expect from an act like Shalimar or The S.O.S. Band. I almost couldn't help but compare the song to Lisa Stansfield's 1989 classic "All Around The World." If you are looking for a modern comparison you could easily see The Weeknd fronting for this music.

Basically the lyrics on this song are similar to what you might hear from both of those artists; wistfully romantic. At points in the verse their lead singer Livvy M almost sounds like a young Janet Jackson and definitely a far cry from Hayley Williams, not a bad thing at a time when just about every female fronted band wants to make that comparison and outright mimics. No, what you are getting here is far more inventive than that. For example about two minutes in there is something of a chip music breakdown that is very original and club friendly. As this track comes in little over three minutes its a perfect fit for radio not to mention television (the group's music was recently featured on Fox's Lethal Weapon.)

By Brooke Trout

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