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Bronson Wisconsin's debut album,  Like A Storm,  is a multi-layered blend of  Indie rock, Latin, Alt-country, Surf, Americana, Folk and Classic Rock. At first blush, that might seem like a lot of ground to cover for an initial release.  However, these diverse genres are pulled together masterfully by Bronson Taalbi as he takes listeners on a melancholic journey through life as he sees it.  Real-life struggles are something we all can relate to, and Bronson captures the essence of these challenges head on while simultaneously guiding us back to the positive side of life.  

The title track, "Like A Storm",  has a poppy-surf vibe that immediately catches one's attention.  This one has a unique 'south-of-the-border' vibe that gets me thinking about tipping back a Corona and dancing the night away at a no-name cantina overlooking the Pacific. "Number One" and "Wrinkled Pants" are two other tracks that I really enjoyed and could literally feel the emotions pouring out of Bronson's amazing voice.  He invites listeners' into his pain and sorrow and allows us to empathize with him (because who hasn't been torn apart by love and loss). These songs transition nicely into a song titled "Trying to Get Home", which paints a clear picture of someone being far from the ones they love and highlights that aching feeling of missing them while away. 

Bronson's singer-songwriter style along with James Strelow's extraordinary guitar work unearths feelings we all share during rough times in life and allows us to connect and unite in these struggles, knowing we are not alone. "Dance Dad" is a perfect example of this and something every father can understand (and relate to). It tells a story of a dad just trying to keep it together while being inundated by everyday struggles such as work, bills, the house, and of course his kids.  At the end of it all, there's a clear message to listeners - slow down, take in the special moments, live life, enjoy it and dance! 

Collectively, Like a Storm has many different themes that most of us can relate with in one way or another.  Everybody must deal with life's ups and downs, we all struggle with love and loss, and at the end of it all desperately want to find a way not to let the bad moments keep us down. The 11-song album concludes on a high-note with Bronson Wisconsin putting their own unique spin on the Righteous Brothers classic,  "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'". Bronson's vocals really shine in this rendition accompanied by James's amazing guitar solo at the end.  This tune will grab your attention and leave you wanting more as it invites you into life's pain while simultaneously transporting you into a positive place where you can move on and make the most of any negative situation that comes your way.

Bottom line, this is a solid debut album and one I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys music in it's simplest form.  Like a Storm is deep, meaningful, and touches one's soul in special ways that keeps a listener engaged and coming back for more.  Take this one for a spin, and I'm sure you'll feel the exact same way I did about Bronson Wisconsin's latest release - It's Infectious!


As always, rock on my friends!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  8.8 out of 10

Artist:  Bronson Wisconsin  EP: Like a Storm,   Release Date: July 5th, 2019,  Label:  Independent


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