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Blues Rock giants Black Stone Cherry have returned with another booty-shakin’ raucous tribute to their blues heroes with their latest EP, Black to Blues 2. This is their follow-up to their highly acclaimed 2017 EP, Black to Blues,  and the band picked up where they left off, putting their own filthy, gritty stamp on some classic blues numbers.

While listening to this collection, I couldn’t resist going back, and exploring the original versions of these songs and expanding my horizons a bit. What I discovered was these gents have taken these classic blues songs and infused them with their unmistakable heavy style. Yes, this is an EP of cover tunes, but this band has deconstructed and rebuilt these into their distinctive style, rather than just simply covering them.

The band goes back to the well, so to speak, including yet again songs from two legends they covered on their first EP. The record opens with their groovy interpretation of Freddy King’s “Big Legged Woman” which required no getting used to.  This song grabs you immediately and doesn’t let go.  Next up is their bombastic take on the Robert Johnson’s “Me And The Devil Blues”.  Johnson, legend has it, went to HWY’s 61 and 49 crossroads where he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for his abilities. This backdrop is tailor-made for we hear, and what Black Stone Cherry has done.  They have embraced the Blues Rock baton and have run with it.

Howlin’ Wolf’s “Down In The Bottom” is next to get the Cherry treatment and what we are treated to is a steam engine of a song that will surely get you up on your feet.  No squeaky rocking chair on the porch here as this song has grooves for days! As if that’s not enough the band speeds into a rousing version of slide guitar king Elmore James’ “Early One Morning” to further show how expansive their skills actually are.  The talent here is insane.

You can probably tell by now that for me, Black Stone Cherry can simply do no wrong.  They could sing “Happy Birthday” accompanied by a kazoo and I’d buy it.  I love everything they’ve done to this point as personally, their style of music falls right in my wheelhouse.  This Blues EP is essentially an expose into Black Stone Cherry’s DNA and provides the road map for their original music.  They are currently on the road in the U.S., and I can’t wait to check them out to see how these songs translate live!


As always, rock on my friends!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  9.1 out of 10

Artist:  Black Stone Cherry LPBlack 2 Blues 2  Release Date: Nov 1st, 2019, Label:  Mascot Label Group

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