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Protoje's  latest album, Third Time’s The Charm, is the third installment of his trilogy of albums he’s released since his GRAMMY nomination for A Matter of Time (2018).  The growth in his style, music, vibes and lyrics has been great to witness, not only with the trilogy, but over his entire career.  This album has so much to like, he weaves American 1970’s soul with 1980’s Jamaican Lovers Rock with that 90’s Cali style hip-hop in his root-dub based sound.  Third Time's The Charm concludes this trilogy of albums that directly focus on my study of time and how important it is to make sure what you’re doing is fulfilling you in every way. Sonically it’s a bit more reggae than my last, even though reggae is always the root, I had some fun implementing all the sounds I’ve grown to love,” says the singer.

Recorded in the hills of his Kingston, Jamaica studio, The Habitat, features the likes of Jamaicans' Jesse Royal on "Family", Lila Iké on "Late at Night", Samory I on "Heavy Load" and British singer Jorja Smith on "Ten Cane Row" along with producers Iotosh, Ziah.Push and Zion I Kings.  On "Late at Night" with Lila Iké, he samples "Late at Nights" recorded by Jamaican singer Pam Hall and reggae producer Gussie Clark.  This is a great example of his use of 70’s soul and 80’s lovers rock.  Lila Iké’s beautiful, warm lyrics adds a deep feeling and attitude on political and social commentary.  In such a natural way, Protoje channels multiple genres through ska, reggae, hip-hop, trap dance and soul and makes an unconventional style seems effortlessly conventional. 

Many in the music industry will change style or try different ideas the more albums they create, and many times it just does not flow, does not work and in some cases there is no coming back from that change.  But the growth and change by Protoje works so beautifully. Nothing feels out of place or wrong, it all makes sense.  I feel this is Protoje’s best album to date, my only complaint would be….there just aren’t enough songs.  36 minutes is just not enough, I want more from this album, I want it to continue on.  The album starts with "The Charm", as he explains that this album is all about his style and that the third time is a charm.  "Oh, you've been warned, And we're not playing 'round, the day is come, So sound the alarm, And yeah, we breaking down, oh yes, tearing down, So calm in the storm, And yeah, we reigning now, it raining down, The third time's the charm, Charm."    

As he flows from song to song on the album, we learn more about Protoje, weather it is his mind set in "Hills" or a love song in "Dreamy Eyes" or a song for his daughter in "Here Comes the Morning", Protoje leaves nothing to the imagination.  He shows he is a real person doing what he loves.

 One Love-  Todd


TRACKLIST: ProtojeThird Time’s The Charm 

01. The Charm
02. Hills
03. Family feat. Jesse Royal
04. Incient Stepping
05. Dreamy Eyes
06. Ten Cane Row feat. Jorja Smith
07. Late at Night feat. Lila Iké
08. Love For Me
09. Here Comes The Morning
10. Heavy Load feat. Samory-I


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