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The new Bob Marley and the Wailers posthumous Africa Unite album is named after the sixth track of Marley’s 1979 Survival album. “Africa Unite is an extraordinary album that pays homage to the Reggae icon’s greatest hits, beautifully reimagined and infused with the infectious rhythms of Afrobeats,” a Tuff Gong release said. In the release, the Kingston-based label, which Bob Marley founded in 1965, described the 10-track production as “a majestic, posthumous album celebrating the vibrant fusion of Reggae and Afrobeats.” Bob Marley is what made reggae world-wide, back when he was alive, recording and touring, but even after his death, he is still making reggae popular though out the world.  His ageless music transcends borders and generations. One of his dreams was to see Africa Unite.  What better way then a collaboration with Afrobeats artists.  Bob Marley's impact on Reggae and Afrobeats music culture is immeasurable. This albums takes listeners on an amazing journey through history and present day. The album not only showcases the global reach of Bob Marley’s music but also celebrates the rich tapestry of African rhythms and melodies.

We start off the album with "So Much Trouble In The World" featuring Zimbabwe musicians Nutty O & Winky D.  This is a perfect song to start off the album with, this song resonates with issues of the past that are still current as it speaks about the state of affairs in the world bordering on inequality, poverty and conflicts. I love the flow of Nutty O & Winky D, mixing with Bob’s voice.

On track two, "Them Belly Full (But We Still Hungry)",  we have one of my favorite Afrobeats artist in Rema, hailing from Nigeria, along with Bob’s grandson Skip Marley.  They kick up the tempo in this song and include some soothing sax play.  Skip and Rema’s soulful voices work so well together (I hope they work together again), it is distinctive yet mesmerizing and captures the spirit of this album.

As we move to the third song, and my favorite Bob Marley song, "Redemption Song".  A song that has been redone and sung by many, sometimes good, but many times it just doesn’t carry through on Bob’s vision of the song.  It is very hard for me to really like a new version.  This may be one of the best renditions I have ever heard.  South African singer Ami Faku has such an amazing voice that makes this song even more exceptional. Her contribution to the song gives a distinct taste that enhances its attractiveness. Their verses together are more than just words; they are strong expressions that bring the music to life.  

As we flow to track 4 with Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage, "Waiting In Vain" is a soulful, heartwarming rendition, Tiwa has such a beautiful soulful, syrupy, sweet voice.  I need to listen to more of her music.  Tiwa takes on the verses of the song, making tweaks to its arrangement on an instrumental bassline to bring a whole new dimension to the classic track.  

Track 5 is "Turn Your Lights Down Low" featuring Afro B from South London. On this sped up track, It is a song that not only entertains but also soothes the soul with its melodious rhythm and captivating lyrics.  And while Afro B does not have as large a part in this song as the other artists do on their tracks, he comes in hard with his lyrics that fit so nicely with the song. This has always been a great song to chill too, and this rendition is no different.  As I listen to this album I keep thinking, wow this may be the best song, and then the next song comes on.

I will admit, "Three Little Birds" has never been one of my favorite songs, but this track featuring Nigerian singers Teni & Oxlade is so good. I had to repeat this song a few times. They create a sound that is a breath of fresh air by fusing a rapid tempo with the percussion and electronic vibes and a sweet background sax. It truly emulates the original with an Afro-fusion kick.  If you are only going to listen to one song on this album, this may have to be the one.

We move onto track 7 featuring my favorite Afrobeats artist hailing from Ghana, Stonebwoy, "Buffalo Soldier".  Buffalo Soldier is probably the first bob Marley song I ever heard, or at least the one I can first remember.  Stonebwoy's rendition pays homage to the original while infusing his signature flair and energy. The artiste's seamless blend of traditional reggae vibes with modern dancehall influences has struck a chord with this rendition. His sizzling verse really flows with the overall feel and mixes in so well with the upbeat rhythms and Bob’s lyrics. 

We move onto "Stir It Up" featuring Ghanian rapper Sarkodie. This song combines the signature guitar strums and soothing bounce we know and love, with Sarkodie’s iconic flow.  It is a nice change having a rapper on a track, and this is a perfect song for Sarkodie’s flow.  It is definitely a different flow and feel from the rest of the album, one that fits in nicely at track 8 with its uplifting energy. 

On track 9 we have "Jamming" featuring Ayra Starr originally from Benin.  Jamming is such a great rendition, the beats, Afrobeat rhythm just flow so well with Bob’s voice as if he was there helping to create this version.  They Arya Starr comes in with such strong lyrics and an amazing sound.  It may be one of the best tracks of both voices working so well together.  I hope the jam is gonna last!

We finish this 10 track album with one of Bob’s most famous (if not most famous) songs, "One Love" featuring Patoranking from Nigeria.  This song combines the fast-paced tempo and intensity of soul music with the pounding and thrilling vibes of electronic dance music to produce a nice sound. I really love the bassline in this version, keeps that old school reggae bass with a little something extra.  I love Patoranking’s voice on this track and how it works so well with Bob and the added in subtle background voices work so well. 

Overall I think the songs that were chosen for these artists worked very well, their styles and voices mixed in so well with Bob and these classics.  I simply love this album.  Not because it is a Bob Marley album, my favorite music artist ever, but this album just works so well, bringing together the past and present, Reggae and Afrobeats.  This is such a fresh and new take on these classics. It makes me want more of this.

Reflecting on the significance of this album, Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella Marley said in a statement, “Africa Unite is an album that showcases the importance of Bob Marley in modern day Africa. The artists that feature on this album have reimagined Bob Marley’s classics in a way we know he would have loved and been proud of.” The release of the album will undoubtedly captivate Bob Marley’s loyal fanbase and attract new listeners seeking to experience the magic of his music in a fresh and vibrant way.

-One Love, Todd

Todd Judd

Photojournalist - Pennsylvania

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