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Barns Courtney Rocks the Roxy: A Night of Unforgettable Energy...

Barns Courtney's performance at the Roxy in Los Angeles, presented by Goldenvoice Alt 98.7, was nothing short of a triumph, proving that for him, “rock bottom” is a distant memory. The venue was sold out, with the atmosphere buzzing well beyond its 500-person capacity, a testament to Courtney's growing popularity and the anticipation surrounding his live shows.

Having embarked on his musical journey at the age of 15 with his band Sleeper Cell, Courtney faced contractual challenges but ultimately found success with his breakout single "Fire," featured in the Bradley Cooper movie Burnt. This show was a celebration of his resilience and the recognition his music has garnered, not only through tenacious grind but also with placements in various television and film projects.

The diverse audience, spanning from early to middle age and seemingly equal in gender representation, reflected the broad appeal of Barns Courtney's music. As he took the stage to a roar of screams and applause, the energy in the room mirrored a modern-day Rolling Stones swagger infused with a rock style reminiscent of The Killers.

Courtney, with his incredibly powerful voice, took the audience on a journey through a wide spectrum of human emotion and experience. Each song resonated personally with the crowd, and his rich tone, complemented by a sultry raspy edge, added depth to the performance. The chemistry among the band members was palpable, as they harmonized and played with high energy, providing the perfect support for Courtney as he sang from a deeply passionate place, leaving it all on the stage.

Despite the writer's admission that their writing days were in the rearview, the decision to cover Barns Courtney's show was a no-brainer. Their prediction of seeing Courtney at major festivals in the following year seems inevitable, given the electrifying performance witnessed that night.

The deeply intimate acoustic encore further showcased Courtney's versatility, and the night ended with a mic drop, leaving an indelible mark on the audience.

As attested by a fan who compared the show to seeing U2 and The Fugees, declaring it the "best show I've seen all year," Barns Courtney's performance at the Roxy was a triumph and solidified his place as a must-see act.

-Jessie Monville

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