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Friday, 26 July 2013

Katja Glieson Peek a Boo

It’s party time! You’ve been invited to Miss Kitty's Birthday Tea Party! Saturday at noon at Miss Kitty's place! This sexy, sexy tea party takes some weird unexpected turns and finds itself in some kind of blood bath. Peek A Boo is a cinematic film/music video all in one representing the 4th episode in a romantic thriller series with the previous episodes to be released forthcoming. Katja portrays the main character as the victim of a hostage kidnapping along with portraying the character of her own look alike, a martial artist/superhero-Avengers style.

Katja Glieson is the new agent of pop. As special agent kitty and her alter ego M.K.1 she brings both sensuality and strength to music and the immersive world of terminium city, a world where art, life and death are juxtaposed in a battle for freedom, power and ultimately love. Katja has proven to be one of the most engaging and fascinating pop stars gaining attention in Hollywood and in her home country of Australia. Early in the year, she quickly rose to #1 on the music industry website Reverb Nation in Los Angeles, as well as a top 10 ranking globally. Her music, still unreleased, is all her own.

Katja will be in the Hunnypot this Monday 7/29 performing live at The Mint. She’ll be heatin’ up the hot tub, you won’t want to miss this one guys!


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