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Friday, 14 December 2018

Backin it Up- Pardison Fontaine feat. Cardi B

Pardison Fontaine and Cardi B's new single has everyone "Backin it Up". Their energy is contagious and people can't stop dancing to this hot new single. The song was released in late September and has been making us move since. Aliya Janell's choreography is hot, sexy, and will make you want to drop whatever your doing and join her dancers in backin it up. Their fierce dance moves combined with Pardi and Cardi's fiery voices will force you to take on their attitudes and let lose.

The two rappers have been friends for awhile, and Cardi showed her appreciation for him in a throwback Instagram Post, "Pardi has helped me a lot with my growth and development as a recording artist," she wrote, "I’m really happy to be joining him on his next single Backin' It Up."

The two had worked together previously, as Fontaine co-wrote Cardi's chart-topper "Bodak Yellow." He also co-wrote 12 tracks on Cardi B's debut album, Invasion of Privacy, in addition to tracks on Kanye's album,Ye, and G-Eazy's hit "No Limit."

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Last modified on Friday, 14 December 2018
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