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Monday, 20 December 2021


Those who have had the pleasure of witnessing Rora Wilde live know her soulful tone runs deep. She’s naturally noticeable with crystalline vocals, deep in color and rich in emotion. Her new single Out of Hand featuring Dark encapsulates the dramatic flare of Rora’s live-show personality.

The accompanying music video delivers the same vulnerable intensity. Sly texts, impling deception lead to a marathon of tit-for-tat talking back and dramatic PDA. The emotions run higher than the drone’s eye view of the city that sets the scene for our two lovers. Rora and Dark’s duet mirrors the lovers' quarrel, each running each other off the page and into the middle of the street. The unapologetic blame game culminates in a blowoff/cliff hanger. Rora’s voice gets the chance to shine in the hook lamenting a mentality that leads to disposable relationships. This is not a forever couple, perhaps they had a moment similar to the Dodger hit on the game playing in the background, but just like our beloved hometeam, they can’t quite cinch the score.

This is surely only indicative in the lyrical relationship, because the pairing have an unexpectedly succinct sound.The harmonies amidst the trap beat tickling the production give this thematically pop vox song into a contemporary breakup angst jam. For any one who is hoping that earnest songwriting reins victorious in the 2020s, Rora Wilde might just be the woman to prove it.

--Robyn Dee


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Written by  Hunnypot
Last modified on Monday, 20 December 2021
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