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Monday, 26 June 2023


Whenever I’m asked to check out a band, or a friend sends me music, I’m always hesitant to check it out. What if I don’t like it? What do I say if I don’t? What even is my music taste if we’re being completely honest? So, when I was given the task of checking out the new Sevendust music video for their single ‘Holy Water’, that same hesitation came back. What if I don’t like it? This is the first time I’ve come across Sevendust in general let alone heard some of their tracks, so as I sat down with that same question repeating itself in my head, I hit play…

It was right around the 0:12 second mark though where that question just went away entirely. Sevendust’s latest track ‘Holy Water’ is a lyrical powerhouse of introspection whose visuals tell the narrative perfectly: how easy the lines can become blurred between ally and enemy when dealing with mental health.

When dealing with a concept like this, I was really curious about what direction they would go in for the music video; something straight forward, or something more in line with the “short film” approach. With brilliantly penned lyrics like, “I feel a darkness inside, It's buried deep but alive, Why do I love it so much?” and, “You fed the flames of the fire, To watch it burn me alive, The reasons I'll never know,” I expected it to be the latter. Instead, it’s an amazingly “simple” setup of handheld shots with each member isolated in black that’s only interrupted by a single key light that’s constantly changing from a cold blue to a warm orange; a simple trick that turned ‘Holy Water’ into one of my favorite music videos of 2023 so far.

I mention the lighting specifically cause when we look at something like color theory in film, each color is used to convey a certain feeling/emotion to the viewer (i.e., Blue = Cold, Isolation, Melancholy vs. Orange = Warmth, Balance, Vibrance). It’s such a small concept, but it perfectly depicts the conflict Lejon Witherspoon writes about and does so in way that doesn’t take away or distract you from the music – but rather elevates it to an amazing result.

So do yourself a favor, go check out the video for ‘Holy Water’ and be sure to check out their new album Truth Killer dropping on July 28th!

Written by  Zak DeFreze
Last modified on Monday, 26 June 2023
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