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ROBOTANISTS cover RADIOHEAD: The King of Limbs [In 24 Hours]

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It took LA's own Robotanists only 24 hours to completely cover Radioheads' latest album The King Of Limbs. Check out what the band had to say about the process...

"It wasn’t an easy project to tackle in such a short amount of time, but we did it (for better or worse). ...We dissected and reassembled each song as fast as we could then went into our studio and let each one materialize. We started with “Lotus Flower”...Giving ourselves a 24 hour time line, we scheduled about 3 hours per song over the course of the weekend… which was nearly impossible once we realized the rhythmic complexity and textural depth of the subtle collection." (taken from Robotanists web site)

Listen to our favorite "Little By Little"

[audio http://hunnypotunlimited.com/dropbox/audio/ROBOTANISTS - ROBOTANISTS does RADIOHEAD- The King of Limbs -In 24 Hours- - 06 LITTLE BY LITTLE.mp3]

You can download the entire The King Of Limbs albumfor FREE at Robotanists' ONLINE STORE!



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