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On June 2nd, Love Stallion fans of all ages gathered at the Walnut Room in Denver, CO for a rock and roll extravaganza celebrating their latest release, Unforgettable Ride.  While some in attendance were clearly new to the scene, the majority in attendance were long time followers of these glam rockers extraordinaire and came out in droves to support the band they have grown to know and love over the years.  To say Saturday night's festivities was a party would probably be an understatement.  Love Stallion clearly brought their "A" Game on Saturday night for what turned out to be a truly amazing rock and roll extravaganza!

Opening the show (and with a bang I might add) were high energy punk rockers, the Hot Apostles.  Their classic style combining Roqui 's fast moving bass lines, Eryn's melodic lead vocals and Tay's catchy guitar riffs was a sight to be seen.  The Hot Apostles ran through a tight set featuring pop guitar, rockabilly and even some bluesy guitar along with some fun vocal interplay. The band's stage mojo proved irresistible, and by the end of the set, the crowd was pressed up against the barricade screaming for more. 

Next up was The Jacob Cade Project.  Energy levels skyrocketed  as Cade brought a completely new level of energy to a now packed house, showcasing his electrifying stage presence and guitar virtuosity. An experienced musician beyond his years, Cade featured original favorites "Green Light Go!", "What's Your Problem?" and "Ball and Chain". The Project used every square inch of the stage to engage the crowd with high flying guitar solos and captivating lyrics. This reviewer did not see a mid-solo Amp Jump this set, but The Jacob Cade Project's next gig is just around the corner...

Now, on to the main attraction.... Love Stallion.  From their opening rumble introducing the newest all-sequin red hot Freddy Mercury jumpsuit, Love Stallion came to entertain with full throttle glam rock (and lots of hip thrusting). Dead-hawks, head-to-toe leather, thumping bass lines and face melting guitar solos showed off this bands rock n roll credentials.Between the non-phallic rhinestone mic stand, matching sets of full size Sexy Disco Legs and smokey man-liner eyes, Love Stallion's glam cred remains uncontested. With the band's stage presence enhanced by Full Color Productions, banter was at an all-time-high with R-rated jokes and stories to keep the crowd's mind limber.

The nearly sold out venue's crowd had tripled by Love Stallion's arrival and all 154 of them seemed packed at the front. The energy started high and continued growing throughout the set. High energy songs like "Trans-Am", "Hide Me Away" and "Tinker Toys" were punctuated with power ballads "Slow Release" and "Valentine". Midway through, stunning special guest - Rachell King brought new feminine energy and her vocals shone  brightly during the duet of "High Times".  At the end of the set, Eryn and Tay of Hot Apostles plus Jacob Cade came on stage for an all-hands cover of Motley Crue's "Kickstart My Heart".  Great way to finish off an incredible set.  Well done!

Bottom line - Love Stallion is bringing the sex back to sex, drugs and rock & roll with original full throttle glam rock. If you haven't seen this spectacle yet, I would definitely mark your calendars and catch them the next chance you get.  They are definitely worth the price of admission!

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Photos by Susan Wolcott

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