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Saturday's Slayer show may go down as one of the finest metal performances at Fiddler's Green since it opened it's doors back in June of 1988.  For the 18,000+ in attendance that evening, it was a show for the ages that transcended time and space.  It allowed fans an opportunity to rid themselves of the anxiety of every day life and focus in on the simpler things that make life worth living (if only for a few hours).  Add to the mix a ridiculously talented bill (consisting of metal heavyweights Lamb of God, Anthrax, Testament, and Napalm Death), some incredible pyrotechnics, and a rabid fan base, and you have all the ingredients necessary to incinerate the Mile High City.  Unfortunately for those in attendance, this would probably be the last time they would see Slayer perform in Denver, CO on the final run of their 2018 Farewell Tour.  Meredith Fox, a true Slayer fanatic,  summed up Saturday's show best:

"What I loved about the show last night: LOG just killed it! Randy has so much energy on stage jumping off his monitor/ramp and always sounds great! Anthrax sounded good too! The old school Anthrax is what rings true to me and them playing Evil Twin and Antisocial was awesome! On to Slayer, I thought the crowd was actually pretty tame, no mosh pit and not too many crowd surfers that I saw. But encore of Reign In Blood from 1986 is what we all wanted to hear as their last song playing in Denver. The fact that Tom Araya after the show just stood there on stage to take it all in one last time brought tears to my eyes. You can see the love of his music touching us all and he truly loves what he does. He may not really know how his music touches our lives, but one thing that all true metal heads know is that no one....... no other band will ever come close to what SLAYER represents in the Metal Genre, Reign True, Always To SLAYER!"

And with that, a final curtain call to our heroes in Slayer.  Thank you ALL for twelve incredible studio albums, two Grammy's, countless world tours, and 37 years of incredible ear-splitting music.  There will never be another Slayer, and you will go down in history as one the finest metal acts to ever throw up the horns.  Tom Araya, Kerry King, Gary Holt, & Paul Bostaph - WE SALUTE YOU!!!

Susan Wolcott

Assistant Editor - Denver

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