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Review by:  Alex Mackison  -  Photos by:  Susie Wolcott

"Holy rebirth of rock and roll,  I felt like I just saw Led Zeppelin with special guest Jefferson Airplane opening for them."  This show was just what this shitty world needed - some positive classic Rock and Roll energy coupled with larger than life vocals and kick ass guitars. Greta Van Fleet and Dorothy are the real deal!

Let me just start by saying that opener Dorothy blew me away.  Her sound reminds me of Grace Slick but with a Black Sabbath edge to it.  Dorothy literally lit a fire to kick off her amazing show, and had an amazing stage presence that was consistent throughout her set.  In addition, I felt her wardrobe perfectly complemented the dark mood she was trying to conjure up - well done!    One thing that really stood out to me during the show was Dorothy's care and concern for a fan that fell in the pit during her set.  She literally stopped her performance dead in its tracks and ensured that the fan was out of harms way prior to resuming.  That's class - plain and simple.  I can’t wait to see Dorothy and the boys play again in the near future.  She is solid, her band is tight, and I am a new fan for sure!

Now for the main event of the evening - Greta Van Fleet.  This may be the fastest growing rock band I have ever seen or heard, and one of the most amazing acts to come out in decades.  OMG for you millennial's and Holy Fuckin' Shit for all of us old fashion classic rock lovers.  GVF have brought back a sound and energy to music that I think people have been waiting years for.  I’m always saying bands like that Zeppelin, CCR or the Stones are once in a lifetime bands, and I submit that Greta Van Fleet is going to be in their league at some point in our lifetime (mark my words).  They’re lyrics are positive, and the band seems to be solid role models for young kids in a world filled with hate, violence, and addiction.  Where have you been all our lives?

The dynamic duo twin brothers Josh and Jake just slayed the Fillmore Auditorium, giving me (as well as the sold out crowd) goosebumps throughout the show.  Josh’s voice was like a gift from the rock gods to my 41 year old ears (I literally have no idea how he makes his voice do what he does and for as long as he does it).   On top of that, his infectious smile spread like wild fire through the Fillmore - he had everyone happy and excited, jumping up and down and literally going crazy.  Twin brother Jake not only shreds his Gibson like no other young artist I’ve heard in years (other than Marcus King),  but he is also the mastermind behind the band  and does a ton of the writing himself - simply incredible.  He’s like a human metronome swaying back and forth to the beat while ripping incredible solo’s.  I still can’t believe these two are only 22 years old.   Add in younger brother Sam (a brilliant multi instrumental musician - keys and bass) and drummer extraordinaire Danny Wagner, and this band is well on there way to super-stardom.  

Bottom line - Greta Van Fleet a ridiculously talented band. Josh, Jake, Sam, and Danny seem to be a bunch of experienced old souls in twenty-something bodies - spreading good vibes and great energy at every show they play.  To sell out the Fillmore 2 nights before they even have a full album out is truly insane.  I am so excited for their first album to drop October 19th, and am counting the days before I can see Greta Van Fleet live again here in Denver.   

Long live Rock and Roll!!!

Susan Wolcott

Assistant Editor - Denver

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