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Steel Panther took over the Fillmore Auditorium on Saturday night and blew the doors off the joint with a performance that was crude, rude, and a little bit nude!  To say the least, it was a one doozy of a glam rock show. At it's very best,  sheer metal mayhem highlighted by four incredible musicians that took it upon themselves to put 'XXX back in Sex!'.  Let the debauchery begin!

Denver’s own Love Stallion kicked off the evening with an incredible set that featured high pitched vocals, a super-talented drummer, an incredible bass guitarist, and a lead guitarist that is second to none. Aaron heated things up for Steel Panther with his incredible voice, one in which his range lends itself perfectly to Love Stallion's 80’s glam rock style of music. I’m not super familiar with their catalog, but it’s safe to say after a performance like this, they are the real deal.  With glam on the upswing again, the future is bright for Love Stallion.  This glitzy glam rock and roll show proved that in a big way!

Onward to the main erection, Steel Panther.  Lord have mercy on these fuckin’ nympho maniacs souls!  I truly love this band, and they failed to disappoint the sold-out crowd on Saturday night. Steel Panther went balls deep right out of the gate with their smash hit, “Eyes of a Panther”. Man, this one sounded as clean as it did on the album on set the stage for one incredible night of rock and roll.  Sure, there was talk about blowing huge loads on the tits and faces of audience members, but one comes to expect that type of depravity at a Steel Panther show.

One thing I can say for certain after watching this show, do not mistake this band as a side show comedy act. These guys are first rate musicians first and foremost and they put it all on display for the masses on Saturday night.  Frontman extraordinaire Michael Starr slayed a cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s classic, “Crazy Train”.   His rendition was spot on as Starr transformed into a creepy replica of the 70-year-old Prince of Darkness right before or eyes. Lexxi Foxx was a trip, and I wasn’t exactly sure if this guy was a dude or a tall skinny chic slapping that bass.  Drummer Stix Zadinia had a solid set behind the skins, and definitely knows his way around the drums.  And my absolute favorite Panther on Saturday was none-other than the maestro himself,  Satchel. I was not expecting to witness such an amazing guitar player after hearing his goofy perverted banter (in the beginning of the show), but boy was I wrong. This guy is an axe slayer!

Bottom line, Saturday night’s Steel Panther show at the Fillmore was definitely one for the ages. Starr, Satchel, Foxx, and Zadinia rocked Denver’s world in a way that had both men and women in attendance yearning for more. Their show ended up being one amazing party that won’t soon be forgotten, and one that was desperately needed in a world that has seriously gone bat-shit crazy.  I’m now a ‘Fanther’ for life!

Photos: by Susie Wolcott, Review: by Alex Mackison


Susan Wolcott

Assistant Editor - Denver

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