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P!nk turns 40 September 8th but you would never know that watching her perform!  This show experience was a unique one for me. I’m an experienced professional photographer that has shot many big name tours and was pre-approved to shoot P!nk a month before the show.  I then shortened a planned trip to make sure I was in town but two days before the show I found out that they had to cut the press in half which happens in this industry and I got cut.  This was round 2 of P!nk’s Beautiful Trama Tour, since I planned on shooting it I didn’t get tickets to the show. It was about an hour before P!nk hit the stage when a great friend of mine who didn't know I got cut sent me a message saying he couldn’t make it to P!nk tonight, he then sent me 2 tickets to my email box.  I jumped off the couch and boogied to Pepsi Center as fast as I could. When I got the tickets I looked and they were ROW 1 CENTER! It was then I decided to still write my article and snap a few iPhone photos as a fan.

The show started with a bang as the bright pink curtain dropped with “Let’s get this party started”!  P!nk was hanging from this giant beautiful, pink, sparkly chandelier dressed in a black sequenced jumpsuit.  P!nk’s incredible strength and endurance makes her the true definition of a "bad ass". Her back up dancers were also top notch, they really made it apparent that they loved their job.  “Revenge” ft. Eminem came on and there were puppet dancers flipping around everywhere and then comes out a GIANT air puppet of Eminem who rapped his part. She then proceeded to karate chop the Eminem puppet in the face.  Her set list was full of her hits and some covers too. With the 25th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death just a few days away, she said to the audience “Feel free to loose your mind for a few minutes”, right before jumping into Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.   The sold-out crowd literally lost their minds (me included!) 

This tour is jaw dropping amazing with props, visual effects and P!nk flying around the stage and the over the audience.  However, what really brought it home for me was P!nk’s incredible message.  She told us about a conversation with her 2-year-old daughter, Willow, telling her that she thinks she looks like a boy. She then began to encourage everyone in the audience to love themselves, beauty comes in all forms and everyone is beautiful.  It literally brought tears to my eyes.

P!nk’s performance lasted almost 3 hours and was unbelievable because  she had took no breaks (aside from set/costume changes)!  How she has that much endurance (especially in the Mile High City) is way beyond me. To end the night, P!nk came out dressed in a white t-shirt jean dress and flip flops to sing “Glitter in the Air”, which is one of my favorites and a perfect way to end the night.  I feel she was trying to show that she can come out on stage dressed to the nine’s or in regular street clothes and she is still the same person, a bad ass. This was my first time seeing P!nk,  and I was literally blown away. Hopefully I get the opportunity to photograph P!nk on a future tour. Until then, here are some photos I took of P!nk with my iPhone as a fan from front row center!

Susan Wolcott

Assistant Editor - Denver

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