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On Sunday April 28th, the Mile-High City hosted the 2nd annual Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco, & Music Festival at legendary Fiddler’s Green in Denver, CO.  A near-capacity crowd made their way up to the amphitheater for an afternoon of great food, cold beer, and killer music headlined by punk rock legends, The Offspring. And if that wasn’t enough already, festival-goers were treated to ringside seats for some amazing Lucha Libre style wrestling and got to witness firsthand the legendary Takeru Kobayashi plow through an ungodly number of tacos. 

Aside from complimentary beer tasting with 25 amazing breweries, festival-goers indulged in some of the most killer street tacos on the planet.  Denver’s finest lined the Sabroso Festival grounds with their flamboyant food trucks, vying for a chance to wow attendees with their custom creations and ultimately take home the “Best in Show” award (based on celebrity judging and fan voting throughout the event).  If you love tacos (and I do), this spectacle was truly heaven on earth!

Now, on to the music.  One of the wonderful things about Sabroso is that co-producers Cameron Collins and John Reese spare no expense in ensuring that musical lineup for Sabroso is second to none.  Year two in Denver was no exception with a solid lineup consisting of The Dendrites (a local Ska ensemble), Dwarves, Strung Out, Black Flag, The Vandals, Bad Religion, and of course, The Offspring. Although Bad Religion and The Offspring were solid (outside of a bit of rain and dropping temperatures), my favorites from this year’s show were The Vandals and Strung Out.  Both captivated the crowd with amazing energy, a clean sound, and some crowd surfing antics that took their performances to a whole new level. 

Overall, the 2019 Sabroso festival (presented by Rockstar, 805, Milagro Tequila, Jarritos, and Gringo Bandito) will go down in history as one of the coolest events to rock Fiddler’s Green this year. Whether you were drinking amazing beer, eating killer tacos, of jamming to some amazing live music, there was something for everyone at this year’s show.  As the house lights went on and the live performances came to an end and, all I could think about was what an incredible festival this was.  In a day and time where many shows like this over-hype and under-deliver, Collins and Reese pulled all the stops and exceeded all expectations for what many in attendance felt was a punk-rock festival for the ages. Looking forward to seeing how this dynamic duo tops this one in 2019 with their 3rd annual installment here in Denver.

Pictures by: Susie Wolcott, Review by: Matthew Belter & Susie Wolcott

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