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The bay area may be known for thrash metal legends like Metallica and Exodus, but it's also home to another heavy hitting band from Oakland called Hatriot.  Partnering with Massacre Records,  Hatriot is set to release their latest album on July 26th and fans are excited for this highly anticipated release.   At first glance, From Days Into Darkness seemed to be filled with darker themes including the end of the world, conspiracy theories, horror icons,  and new world order.  After taking this one for an initial spin around the block, I was all of this and so much more.  As a new listener, I was blown away from the first notes of "One Less Hell" and never looked back at that point.  

I’ve always enjoyed thrash metal because it is always so all over the place. Musically though, I've always wondered how the greats keep it all together. Hatriot fails to disappoint in that regard. This quartet has put out two albums since 2013 (with this being their first release in 5 years).  Each of those releases have built upon the other, and From Days Into Darkness takes their initial successes up a notch with a hard hitting banger that any fan of thrash would simply die for.  Sampling out some of their previous work and then giving From Days Unto Darkness an extended listen, you can tell they really took their time crafting each of these songs. In addition, the recording quality seems to have vastly improved since their 2013 Heroes of Origin release. The guitars and vocals are much fuller and more dynamic than in the past, and it added so much to the fans' listening experience.

If I had to pick a song to highlight off this album, I would say “Organic Remains” is on the top my list for sure. They made a good choice releasing it as the first single because it definitely sets the tone for the entire release and what fans should expect throughout the album.  Cody Souza is an insane lead vocalist and he definitely doesn’t hold back. Accompanied by brother Nick on drums, Cody has taken the place of his father on their latest release and filled his shoes exceptionally well. And let’s not forget about Kosta Varvatakis and Kevin Paterson either. Without their slick licks and heavy riffs, Hatriot just wouldn’t be complete. To me, this lineup feels right and I think fans will agree when they hear the album in it's entirety.

Overall, I was really impressed with From Days Into Darkness and felt it was just what the doctor ordered after 5 years in absentia. This one delivers big time, and highlights why thrash metal is alive and well in the Bay Area.  I know Hatriot fans are going to be super-excited to hear this one when it drops on July 26th.  Hatriot's From Days Unto Darkness hits hard, sounds amazing, and is definitely an album thrash metal fans will be moshing to in a pit near you.  The new wave of Hatriot is on its way,  so get ready!  


As always, rock on my friends!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  8.4 out of 10

Artist:  Hatriot,  Album: From Days Unto Darkness,   Release Date: July 26th, 2019,  LabelMassacre Records

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