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Kicking off Labor Day Weekend, Lotus took the stage for the first time since the global COVID 19 pandemic started at the Citizens Bank Park, in Philadelphia, PA on Friday evening. Being one of the new Live Nation Drive-In concerts, this show was a unique experience for the band and crowd alike. For any live music fan that hasn't heard of or been to one yet, Drive-In shows are becoming the new reality in the jam band scene and live music in general with all of the strict rules now in effect during this pandemic.

To start, you must purchase a car pass and an assigned parking space.  There are no single tickets available and each car can have up to 4 people.  Next, you must wear a mask when leaving your car area  (going to the bathroom, visiting another car, etc.) Social distancing is strictly enforced, and there is no need to go to the bar or food stands  as it can all be ordered via app on your phone.  Once ready, the venue will bring you your food and drink orders via golf cart right to your car, awesome!   To listen to the show, you must tune your car radio to a station carrying the audio feed of the performance.  With no PA system available at the venue, this is a must but super cool.  You'll even get an out of this world echo and amazing stereo sound to occur depending on where you were in the parking lot, whose car was playing the station louder and softer, know what I mean?   I thought it was a really great setup as a temporary solution to the COVID problem, but my hope is this is not the future of live music and just a quick fix until we are allowed the full concert experience!

Lotus started their unique blend of funk, jam, and electronica in 1999. Longtime members include Mike Rempel on Guitar, Jesse Miller on Bass, Mike Greenfield on Drums, Luke Miller on Keys, and Chuck Morris on Percussion. This unbelievable quintet has been getting people up and dancing at music festivals and headlining shows all around the globe for years and this unique show was no exception.  Their "smooth as butter" style has a blend of funky electronica beats, thunderous bass lines, mixed with melodic and spiritual tones, which all come together for a real true life-altering experience. The band recently dropped its 10th studio album, Free Swim, and it does not disappoint.  It's loaded with their unique style and flavor and its even better live!!! If you get a chance to see them when they come back to your town after this pandemic is over, I highly recommend checking them out!

Bottom line,  Lotus show on Friday night was just what the Doctor ordered! Sure, the venue was different and experience non-traditional.  However, it was such a great experience to rock out with my friends and just enjoy being at a show again.  With the pandemic still going on throughout the world, we will just have to patiently to experience true live music experience again. In the meantime, if one your favorite bands starts announcing Drive-In shows, please take full advantage and take in the experience. Grab your friends, fill the cooler, bring your mask, and rock out.  Thanks Lotus, job well done!


Lotus 9/4/20 - Citizens Bank Park Philly, PA Setlist

Lucid Awakening, Earl of Grey, Livingston Storm [jam in G] > Wax, Caywood, Bjorn Gets a Haircut, Spiritualize

Catacombs, Straight Blade, Sift > Expired Slang > It’s All Clear To Me Now > Hammerstrike (intro) > Flower Sermon > Land of the Lush

Encore: MacGuffin


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