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After the great success of his last album, World War Me, and his feature on Tech N9ne’s latest Tik-Tok viral song “Face Off” (feat. Dwayne Johnson), King Iso is back with another banger of an album, Get Well Soon. This is his 5th full length studio album since his first album release back in 2015, The Insanity Plea, a project which made the rapper change his name to King Iso. The album is jam packed with 18 phenomenal tracks showcasing the rapper’s skills and reminding us who he is. So, let’s get into some of my thoughts about the album. 

Get Well Soon is a great concept album, from the art work presented as a get well soon card to the structure of the songs, it’s all connected to the central theme of the album addressing his experiences with mental health and depression. The first joint on the project is “Get Well Soon” (feat. Linds), begins with an excerpt from King Iso’s son writing a get well soon card to his dad an how much he misses him. Through out the album you can hear the excerpts of the letter from his son and his family checking up on him, which makes the album much more personal and shows a vulnerable side to the rapper. From the song “6 Am” to “6 Pm”, King Iso takes the listener on a journey, giving you an insight into a day in the life of someone battling severe depression. He does a really good job at conveying the emotions of someone emotionally unstable and how time warps for someone like that. 

“Cause Old MacDonald had a farm. He sold McDonald’s at the barn. Exposed us all as cattle, y’all. And wrote us off his catalog” is one of my many favorite verses from this album, from the song “Big Farm A” (feat. X-Raided, & C-Mob). I really love how King Iso took the melody of a classic folk song “E-I-E-I-O” and turned into this dope hook, using it as metaphor to talk about the current health crisis in America. The track is elevated even further by C-Mob’s verse. He goes in hard! I absolutely love how he comes in with “D-I-G my flow” and goes off. He definitely caught my attention and was the best feature on the album for me. 

A few other tracks that stood out to me are “Zero Dark Thirty Four”, “Today”, “Self Destruct” (feat. Twista, & Rittz), “I’m Okay” (feat. King Kash) and “Hypocrite”. With some amazing features on the album, King Iso delivers a beautiful album packed with bangers for you to get hyped for your workout sessions. His flow is crazy!! The words per second King pushes sometimes reminded me of the legendary Eminem with a touch of Tech 9Nne’s unique chopper style, putting him in a category of his own. He is building his own lane and is definitely on the rise. Keep an eye on the King, he’s going to blow up very soon!! If you’re looking for a fire album with bars and emotions behind it, Get Well Soon is the one!

Sarthak Kher

Photojournalist - Seattle

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