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Edgard Nathaniel Sarratt III, better known as his stage name Midwxstis an emerging young rapper. The South Carolina born, Indiana raised rapper has gained popularity in the last couple years through Soundcloud and has become the face of hyperpop music (a new genre born from integrating different styles of music, pulling influences from rap, emo lo-fi trap, dubstep and trance music, creating a lane of its own). Within many young artists rising in this new style of music, Midwxst stands out with his unique style. You cannot talk about hyperpop without mentioning the rapper himself. 

After a huge successful year with a fire mixtape, SUMMER03, and an EP, BACK IN ACTION, he is back with a heater EP, Better Luck Next Time. The joint features 9 short tracks with one feature by Brakence on the track “Okay”. The EP has a very personal touch to it. The interlude “Better Luck Next Time” starts with Midwxst expressing his feelings about heartbreak, self worth and life. His ability to switch form smooth melodies to bursts of energy is remarkably impressive. Not only is he gifted in his vocal abilities Midwxst also is an amazing producer. You can really feel the mix of sounds throughout the project, ranging from soft guitar strumming to noisy bleeding bass drops. The second track “Riddle” is a perfect example of the tempo changes. The song starts with an upbeat tempo with soft vocals and suddenly drops into a slightly of a punk style for a bit and then back to the upbeat rhythm. It took me by surprise! It was my first time experiencing such sudden but yet seamless changes in style in one song. 

Some other tracks that stood out to me are “I Know You Hate Me”, “Switching Sides”, “Misery” and “On My Mind”. With incredible confidence in his voice and music style, the Juice WRLD and XXXTENTACION inspired rapper is ready to put his heart & soul into his music. Midwxst wants to make music that is an extension of him and not influenced by other. This EP screams of that and puts him in a category of his own. With this project he takes a step closer towards his dreams and mark my words not long before he’s in the mainstream. Keep an eye out to see him blow up in the next year or two. If you’ve never listened to hyperpop music I’d suggest you start with this EP, it won’t disappoint you. 


Sarthak Kher

Photojournalist - Seattle

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