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I first saw Koffee perform live earlier this year at the Cali Vibes Fest and she was amazing.  Most people at the festival were probably not too familiar with her music, but she instantly captured the thousands in attendance and came away with a lot of new fans.  This is her first US tour, so it was all about her and she mesmerized the capacity crowd from the second she stepped on stage.  For a person with such a small stature, Koffee is so powerful.  She has such a strong voice with a commanding stage presence that is second to none.  Add in that big beautiful smile, you can see how much Koffee loves performing for her fans.

The night started off with opening act Genrus, a young Jamaican with dance moves out of the book of Michael Jackson.  While his voice continues to get stronger, he did get the crowd excited with some incredible dance moves.  Great way to start the night.  Then came afro-fusion singer Buju (aka Bnxn), from Nigeria.  The crowd really seemed to enjoy his style, highlighted with a nice, sweet voice and good stage presence.  They really set the night up for Koffee to take over the crowd of 2000+.

Koffee finally stepped on stage to “Rapture” and captured the crowd with the first line: "Koffee come in like a rapture".  The night was set, and the crowd was excited to see her live (which was probably the first time for almost everyone in the crowd).  As Koffee performed songs from her debut album, Gifted (which was just recently released), she also added and a mix of older songs when she first burst on the scene in 2017. 

A few songs in we heard Bob Marley’s voice fill The Fillmore, we knew she was going to perform "x10" (a song on her new album where she samples "Redemption Song").  But instead of going into "x10", she started in with her own rendition of the Marley classic.  It is probably the most covered reggae song ever, and she did a beautiful job.  It may be one of the best covers of this classic I have ever heard.  By the time she went into "West Indies" (currently her most popular song), the crowd was vibing and having an incredible time.  Koffee sounded so amazing and her band is incredible.  I would put these young musicians up against any band, any time.  Overall, Koffee did a nice job of mixing her older, contemporary dancehall songs with her new songs (which has a variety of styles from roots reggae, dancehall, lovers rock, afro beat and R&B). 

Near the end of the show, Koffee went into my favorite song on Gifted, "Lonely", a sweet lovers rock song and she killed it.  When she finished that one the crowd was happy, excited, but needed one more song.  Koffee wrapped up the evening with the song that put her on the map, "Toast".  She came back on stage for the encore and the crowd went crazy, signing along and dancing until he very end of the song.  This was one of the best concerts I have seen, and I cannot wait to see Koffee grow as a person, music artist and performer. She's the real deal!


Todd Judd

Photojournalist - Pennsylvania

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