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Joining Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison, and Joan Jett on their 2022 Stadium Tour, the rock group Classless Act held a more intimate show for their fans at the Marquis Theater in Denver on July 22nd. The incredible thing about this show was that the band offered free admission to those who had proof of tickets from the Stadium Tour 2022 and allowed new and old fans to come see their headlining performance in the mile-high city. Opening for Classless Act was Television Generation, a local indie-rock group with an intense presence, as well as Dirty Kings, a classic-rock group with killer fast-paced melodies and hypnotic guitar solos. Collectively, each band brought a one-of-a-kind sound to the Marquis showcasing their individual sound and flair in authentic rock n’ roll fashion.

Television Generation went on first and demonstrated their unique style with grunge-y lyrics and indie instrumentals; the band gave the audience the energetic push in preparation for the next opener, Dirty Kings. With a uniquely different sound, these cats made the theater come to life with their authentic 'in your face' attitude that riled up the crowd in anticipation of the nights headliner, Classless Act. While both bands were pretty raw, each played their guts out with sets that put smiles on the faces of an ever growing crowd.  I dug their sounds and would absolutely see them again - I'd suggest you do the same!  Following their set, members of both bands joined the crowd as the stage was prepped for liftoff!

Classless Act finally hit the stage and lit up the now packed house with two originals, “This Is For You” and “Give It To Me”, both having that familiar rock spirit along with stunning vocals by lead singer and frontman extraordinaire Derek Day. The band then performed some covers including one of my personal favorites, Queen's "Under Pressure". Wow.  Classless Act then then returned to their own songs off of their album Welcome To The Show, including bangers “Storm Before the Calm”, “Made in Hell”, and “Circle”, which showcased the astounding shredding of guitarists Dane Pieper and Griffin Tucker along with the funky baselines courtesy of Franco Gravante.  The band wrapped up their set with "Classless Act", which fully encompassed the bands signature sound.  Once again, the killer tune had the masses jamming along, headbanging, and sloshing beers thanks in part to Chuck McKissock's stellar booming cadence. This dude rips!

As the dust settled, Classless Act  thanked Denver for their loving environment and quickly walked off stage.  Was that all?  The now fully charged audience demanded more, an encore - not one, not two, but, and I quote, 'THREE MORE SONGS!' in relentless enthusiastic chants.  Derek Day and company  finally returned to stage, but were completely out of prepared material. Yet, fans didn’t walk away empty handed, as the band gave fans a glimpse into new material - soon to be released. Classless Act once again fired up the crowd, giving fans a unique 'band practice'; presenting in raw form new and unreleased work in 'improv' fashion.  As lights flickered back on, fans left the show with a one-of-a-kind experience and the oh so familiar ringing ears to prove it. Bottom line, Classless Act put one hell of a rock n’ roll experience for their fans in Denver and one I doubt they won't soon forget. Catching this band in their relative infancy was incredible, and I foresee big things for the band in the not so distant future.  In my opinion, they're the real deal!

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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