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The indie-pop group Mickey Darling performed live in Santa Ana at the Observatory for a sold out show and a packed theater with one of the most intimate performances I’ve ever experienced. The group does not only genuinely care about their fans, but they made their show as personal as possible for as many fans as they could. This included a signing session as soon as the group arrived on stage, a pause to sing happy birthday to an audience member, and lead singer, Skyler Molina running through the entire theater for several songs. This group has a fanbase on the smaller side when in terms of the industry, coming in with about 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, but the way they cater to their fan base makes their cult-following a force to be reckoned with.

The show was opened by Luke Wild and company who brought the stamina of the Observatory to a new high. The flair of Wild’s performance was the perfect for getting the audience in a mind-set to behold Mickey Darling. Wild actively bounced and danced around the stage, also not afraid to interact with the audience. One thing that stood out to me in Wild’s performance was his ability to get the audience to join in songs they had likely never heard before. His stage presence was certainly evident in his ability to open the crowd up. Wild style is akin to Rex Orange County with a slightly more alternative edge. My personal favorite and a good entrance to Luke Wild’s discography is “Slow Motion” which depicts the struggle of questioning the health of a relationship. Similar to most of the indie pop scene, the themes of their music tend to revolve around the theme of love and coping within relationships. After about an hour of getting the audience amped, Luke Wild and company departed the stage. It was finally time for the main act - Mickey Darling.

Mickey Darling consists of only two members. Skyler Molina is the main creative force behind the group as well as lead vocals. He is accompanied by Austin Medrano who is in charge of the instrumental aspects of their bedroom-pop sound. Together they carry a powerful punch of emotion that transcends not just their incredible lyrics but sonically through their incomparable overall noise. This was simply indisputable after witnessing the immense spirit of the crowd on every single track. As stated previously, Mickey Darling loves their fans, but it is not just a one way street. It felt as if every single fan knew every single word, to every single song, the emotional connection the group makes with their listeners is unmistakable. The group played songs from their infancy as a group,( i.e. the “I’m just a Buzzkill”) to their most recent release (i.e. “SAY THAT YOU MISS ME”). Each performance seemed to outdo the next, and as more layers of clothing were stripped, the more intense the crowd became. Not only was the connection with the audience substantial, but their connection with one another was, in a word, - endearing. The two have such a clear passion for their art as well as a genuine respect and connection with one another.

Mickey Darling is a group I would be privileged to witness again live. I have no doubt that their following is bound to explode in the coming releases. As the band stated during their show, most of their listeners come simply through word of mouth and social media, as most fans are created nowadays. Yet, something about this group seems to resonate with their following more than the average fanbase. They have the personality and companionship to make it big in the industry, and after seeing how impassioned they make their patrons, I am an even bigger fan of their work. I encourage everyone to check this dynamic duo out. I suggest starting with their most popular song “Reverse Cowgirl” to get an idea of Mickey Darling’s aura and overall vibes.

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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