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Good Bison is set to release his new EP - Ghost On Mulholland, on the 21st of February, 2023. This will be one of Pablo Alverez’s (the mind behind Good Bison), largest releases ever. Before receiving Alverez’s work I was not familiar with Good Bison, yet, I was completely taken off guard (in the best way possible) by the work he produced. His style fits in perfectly with what is now described as the Indie-rock/Bedroom Pop style. With melodic guitar riffs, funky synth, and charming vocals, Good Bison is going to be on my list of up and coming artists.

Overall the EP had some highs and lows for me. The highs being the first track, “10 Min Away”, which sets the tone for the storyline based off of R.L. Stein's acclaimed “Goosebumps” series. Which takes the story of a ghost driven off of Mulholland Drive, finding his way back home. Yet I found this plot to be more of an allegory for mental-health than anything, and the story of our protagonist dealing with depression. Especially within another one of my front-runner songs, “Better Lies”. In which our ghost explains that his smile is “one of his better lies”.  These two songs are accompanied by “Can’t Waste This High”, a single already released by Good Bison, which adds some more synth and higher energy than the rest of the tracks, creating an eloquent juxtaposition between the “uppers” and the “downers” of this release. These three seemed to fall into the same category for me of matching a particular sound. They all feel as if they fit and were made for that aforementioned  Indie-Rock genre. While the other two tracks “Haunting” and “I’m Tired of Waiting, Come Home”, seem to sway from this path. “Haunting” adds a more Latin inspired energy, which was not negatively received, nevertheless a jump from the rest of the EP.  “I’m Tired of Waiting, Come Home”, didn’t hit as a “grand finale” in my mind, regardless it brought a new euphoric energy to this release. It is clear to me that Good Bison is finding their sound and experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t. He refuses to just stick with safety and with what “works”, an impressive feat and a sign of a true artist. Good Bison has at the very least one new fan, I am excited to see what is to come for Alverez.

At the end of the day, it is this reviewer’s opinion that Good Bison's Ghost on Mulholland receives a solid 8/10.  It's one amazing album and 100% Hunnypot approved!

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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