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Despite Jah Cure’s troubles (he is currently serving a six year sentence in The Netherlands) he remains a top reggae artist with much anticipation of this album release.  Jah Cure, whos real name is Siccaturie Alcock, is best known for his love songs.  In his first interview since the incident in Amsterdam, Jah Cure recently told the Jamaica Gleaner [January 5, 2023]: “My message to my fans is I apologize for this situation I get myself caught up in. I would like to give this album to you as a special gift from me to you. Until we see each other soon, I will have some interesting songs to share with you." My thought was to listen to this album with my mind on Jah Cure the music artist, and not his troubles.  This is a true Jah Cure album, with all love songs.  While his love songs have made him so popular, he also does a wonderful job with his conscience songs and lyrics, and said his next album will be his side of the story.  This album was released the week of Valentine’s Day, so it was perfect timing for the release.  It was produced by Swedish producer Hamed “K-One” Pirouzpanah and they created this album of passion, heartfelt and sweet sweet lyrics.

The first track shares the name of the album,” Undeniable.”  Within the first few seconds it is clear this is Jah Cure, the lover.  This reminds me of early Jah Cure songs with the nice rhythm, beat and Jah Cures distinct flow. This song is accompanied by Kaylan Arnold and is an incredible start to the album. The mixing of Jah Cure and Kaylan is wonderful, making you want more from the two of them. We move into the second track, “Everything” with Stonebwoy the Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall and reggae musician who seems to be popping up on every reggae artists albums.  This is a song about turning back time because of a love gone bad.  It’s a nice soulful tune and possibly my favorite on the album.  A nice, sweet rhythm with more of Jah Cures great flow, but when Stonebwoy hits, he takes the song to another level.  We move to “Trust,” where Jah Cure needs to gain his girls trust back.  Another great produced and written song with a more upbeat rhythm, Jah kicks it up a notch, “you got to trust me baby.” Jah Cure takes us to “One More Time,” he’s asking for another chance, “Baby we had it, we lost it, let’s find it once more.” Another amazing track on this album with that distinct soulful Jah Cure flow. 

Jah Cure sings about the “Good Life” in the next track.  He’s singing about cooking for his girl, ital stew, steam fish, callaloo and fried dumplings.  It makes you hungry…for more songs.  As we move onto track 6, “Find My Way” a love song about finding the right woman, even if you are “miles away, miles away, I think I found the real one.”  “Think About It” is the next track, a little more upbeat rhythm, a song where you can really feel his pain and anguish.  You wonder if this was written about a real break-up.  On this track producer K-One stated: “Think About It, the melodies, the choruses and how Cure sings it from the heart. I get goosebumps every time I listen to it.”  As we flow through to “Be The One” Jah sings, “You could be anywhere in the world, but you’re with me.”  Another love song, another nicely produced song with feeling and love.  With track 9, “If I Had You,” we have a sweet acoustic guitar with a nice beat and rhythm to flow along with Cure’s voice.  A song where Jah pleads with this girl that why are you with that guy, he doesn’t give you what you need, what I can give you, “I'll put you first just like you deserve to be Baby, you don't need a wanting for nothing.” “Beautiful” continues on with a nice follow-up to “if I Had You,” telling you that you are beautiful and not to struggle with how you look and feel.  It’s a beautiful up-beat song, one that sticks with you, the chorus and beat staying in your head.  Jah finishes off the album with track 11, “Turn Off The Lights,” a perfect ending to the love album, another nice up beat song, after his ups and downs throughout the album, Jah closes out the day with his girl he loves.  “Just Turn Off The Lights yeah, push up up on to my body, just turn off the lights yeah, let me touch your body.”

The first couple times through Undeniable, I loved the first half but felt the second half of the album maybe lacked a little something. Maybe it is the fact this is all about love, no conscience songs, but the more I listened the second half, it grew on me more and more.  Jah Cure’s voice and lyrics are as affecting as when he first came on the scene in the late nineties.  So much soulful longing throughout this entire album from Jah Cure, it is undeniably a sweet lovers reggae joint.  Grab a copy when you can, its 100% Hunnypot approved!


Tracklist- Jah Cure Undeniable -VP Music Group

1. Undeniable (feat. Kaylan Arnold)
2. Everything (feat. Stonebwoy)
3. Trust
4. One More Time
5. Good Life
6. Find My Way
7. Think About It
8. Be The One
9. If I Had You
10. Beautiful
11. Turn Off The Lights


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