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Over the past year I have been able to see some old school hip-hop artists I grew up listening to.  Checked off a lot from my bucket list.  This past Saturday I was able to check off some old school R&B groups I also grew up with and loved.  The show started with Tank, and while I never really listened to him very much, he did sound great.  GUY was up next, from 1988 to 1990 they were one of my favorite groups, knew every word to every song.  They sounded good, put on an amazing performance and had the crowd dancing the entire time.  Next up was Keith Sweat, and at 61 he can still belt it out!  I have been a huge Keith Sweat fan since 1987 when I first heard “I Want Her,” and still listen to all his music on the regular. And then it was time for New Edition, I can still remember hearing “Candy Girl” when I was 13 for the first time.  And then just being a part of my life for years and years after, whether it was N.E. or Bobby or BBD or Johnny or Ralph, together or solo.  There was always a hit song for years.  This entire concert was amazing, something I will never forget, and I would love to see them all in concert again it was so good. 


So my review is going to be a little different than others I’ve done, so many things to talk about I thought I would share my random observations and thoughts:

1.     We arrived a little late and only got to hear Tanks last song, but he sounded real good.  What a great voice.

2.     We saw Tank in our hotel bar before the show, would have gotten a photo with him but he was getting food and didn’t want to disturb him.

3.     Went to the show with my wife, Mala, and two friends, James & Tina.  We all had an amazing time!

4.     Pretty cool how GUY came walking up stairs below the stage….nice entrance.

5.     Teddy sounded very good on “I Want To Get With You.”

6.     Damn Teddy and Damian were going all out dancing when they went into “Groove Me.”

7.     Amazing listening to the crowd sing along to “Goodbye Love” and “Piece Of My Love”….every single word with Aaron.  Chills!

8.     Back in the late 80’s to early 90’s I used to think Aaron Hall had one of the greatest voices in all of R&B.  He cannot belt it out like he used to, range isn’t what it once was and voice is kind of raspy, but he still sounded good!

9.     Crowd was so into GUY but when they hit us with “Teddy’s Jam”  WOW!

10.   During “Let’s Chill” Aaron was in the crowd….way back in the crowd singing!  Very cool, I can only imagine what it was like being right there.

11.   Damian Hall, who they never really gave many songs to sing, sounded so so good.  Range was there and also was dancing all over stage.

12.   Teddy Riley….yep yep…..was on point.  Had his keyboard on stage and did his autotune thing he always did. 

13.   Damian and Aaron Hall are in amazing shape, like totally cut.

14.   Aaron is 58, Teddy is 55 and Damian is 54.  And they danced like they were in their 30’s.

15.   When they went onto the song that got me hooked on GUY…”I Like,” I don’t think there was one person in their seats.

16.   Just when we thought they were done, Teddy brings in “Rump Shaker”….the place was rocking. Check baby check baby 1, 2, 3, 4 check baby check baby 1, 2, 3……

17.   Keith Sweat…..I have been a huge fan since 1987.  I find you either love him or hate him….no in between.

18.   I have been waiting to catch him live for years…..well worth the wait.

19.   My boy James LOVES him! LOL

20.   As much as I love Keith Sweat as a singer…..he just can’t dance.

21.   I have favorite songs from all his albums, but Make It Last Forever is still my favorite album, every single song is great.  He played a lot of those songs!!!

22.   He sounded so good.

23.   I think I was the only one of the four of us that truly appreciated Keith Sweat….I was on my feet the whole time.

24.   When he went into “I Want Her” every single person sang along, it was so loud it was as if the crowd had a mic.  Seen you last night, Saw you standing there, Couldn't picture the color of your hair, And all I wanted to know, Were you really there?

25.   His female background singer is amazing.

26.   Listening to “There You Go Tellin’ Me No Again” made me think about him singing at the wedding in New Jack City.

27.   Keith can sing!

28.   One song I have never liked is “Merry Go Round” and I don’t think the crowd was into it either.

29.   He paid tribute to Gerald Levert and played the LSG song “My Body.”  Crowd loved it….I only wish Johnny would have come out to join him.

30.   His rendition of “In The Rain” was fantastic, his improvising was so good.

31.   He went into Silk’s “Freak Me” because he wrote it and knew the crowd would love it, and let the crowd take the song….14,000 people all singing together…pretty cool to hear!  'Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you

32.   Very cool bringing Teddy on stage for the last few songs since Teddy wrote and produced the first album with Keith.  NEW JACK SWING!

33.   Keith Sweat can belt it out!!!

34.   The way he finished off was amazing-“Make It Last Forever,” “Right And A Wrong Way,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” “I’ll Give All My Love To You,” and finishing with “Nobody.”  Simply amazing!

35.   Did I mention Keith can really sing?

36.   Did I mention his background singer can sing?

37.   Major bucket list checked off the list.

38.   We got a big surprise, we knew Bobby left the tour a few weeks ago and didn’t expect to see him….well (more on that in a second)

39.   The intro was very cool, old clips and videos from over the years……..and then we hear Johnny’s voice….Johnny, Ronnie, Ricky, Mike, Ralph…….Bobby too well, well, well, well, oh welllll, word to the m-m-m-mutha.  As they come up rising from below the stage.  CROWD WENT NUTS!!!! Goosebumps!

40.   My wife and I wore matching shirts that read, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph & Johnny.  We got sooooo many compliments!

41.   Wow can they still dance.

42.   Ralph sounds the same.

43.   Started off with “Crucial” and they killed it.

44.   They were the first boyband, they invented the boyband; and they are still the BEST to ever do it, hands down, no one even close.

45.   The showmanship…wow.

46.   Ralph can sing!

47.   Johnny Gill

48.   Johnny Gill to me had the best R&B male voice back in the day, so amazing…..and he still is amazing. Still my favorite male voice.

49.   “Rub You The Right Way” wow…….

50.   When I say Bobby, you say Brown…Bobby (Brown) Bobby (Brown)…..Bobby came on stage for “My Prerogative.” The. Crowd. Went. CRAZY!

51.   My biggest surprise of the entire show was Bobby and his singing……he sounded really really good.  Better than I think he has sounded in years.  He didn’t dance at all, but I’ll take it.

52.   The band and DJ for New Edition sounded so good, and I doubt any of them were even alive when New Edition first came out. Heck probably weren’t alive when Heart Break came out or even Home Again.

53.   “If It Isn’t Love” was next and all I could think about was their video….practicing their dance steps.  A lot of the same moves on stage.

54.   Bobby came back on stage and they took us back to late 1984 with “Mr. Telephone Man.”  Took us all back to our childhood. 

55.   Ralph and Bobby can really sing!

56.   They kept us back in ‘84 with “Cool It Now,” and while their voices are more mature and different now, they sure can pull off these songs they sang as teens.

57.   Did I mention they can dance and put on a show?

58.   Ronnie pretty much looks the same.

59.   They finished off the old school stuff with the song that got us all hooked on N.E., “Candy Girl” and then “Count Me Out.”  It is amazing how some songs can transform you back to a different time for a moment!

60.   It was time for Bobby to come back on stage and slow it down a little with “Roni.”  Crowd swaying back and forth all song.

61.   Bobby got himself a nice voice.

62.   My, My, My……it holds a special place in my heart.

63.   Johnny simply KILLED it on My, My, My

64.   Did I say Johnny can sing?

65.   He must have sung My 200 times….in so many different ways!

66.   And the crowd could have sat through another 500 Mys.

67.   Ricky is 55, Michael is 54, Bobby is 54, Ronnie is 55, Johnny is 56 and Ralph is 54, and they are still so good!

68.   While we got to hear Ralph on most N.E. songs as the lead singer, we needed to hear a solo song.  He hit us with a nice chill rendition of “Sensitivity.” Very nice!

69.   It was finally time to hear some BBD. They have been dancing all night and singing background.

70.   “When Will I See You Smile Again?” was first up….little surprised to hear them start slow.

71.   Ricky sounded great!

72.   Crowd singing along the whole time….especially the OHHHHH!

73.   I didn’t love BBD back in the day (liked but not loved), but when “Do Me” or “Poison” came on at the club, everyone had to jump out on the dance floor.  And this was no different.

74.   We all rapped along…….

75.   Backstage, underage, adolescent, How ya doin', fine, she replied,  I sighed, I like to do the wild thing, Action took place, Kinda wet, don't forget, The J, the I, the M, the M, the Y, why'all, I need a body bag

76.   One more time for Bobby, “Don’t Be Cruel” ……the crowd truly LOVES Bobby.  He’s got to be the most loved of N.E., I am not sure I get it, must be the bad boy thing.

77.   But don’t get me wrong, was so cool seeing him live and wow did he sound great.

78.   More Johnny…..”Can You Stand The Rain.”  WOW

79.   Did I mention how good the dancing was?

80.   We knew we couldn’t get out of there without “Poison!”  Everyone on their feet!

81.   I was at the bar shake shakin' takin' 'em off, And that night I played the wall, Checkin' out the fellas the highs the lows, Keepin' one eye open still clockin' 'em, Still one particular girl that stood out from the rest, Poison as can be how how is she, Michael me and see and I'm runnin' the show, Bell Biv DeVoe ha-ha ha-ha, Now you know you're Slick blow

82.   And the crowd sings along…..

83.   It's driving me out of my mind- (Ricky), That's why it's hard for me to find- (Crowd), Can't get it outta my head- (Ricky), Miss her, kiss her, love her, wrong move you're dead- (Crowd)

84.   Finished it off with “N.E. Heartbreak” with Johnny going off once again.

85.   What an amazing performance by all six members!

86.   What an amazing show!

87.   GUY killed it!

88.   Keith killed it!

89.   N.E. killed it!

90.   Go see them all if you get a chance!


-One Love


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