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It’s always a special moment when bands announce an international tour. Traversing the world to bring their music to the masses of fans that love them. Well, there is another way to do a international tour I found out, it is bringing together bands from a different country on one tour. The Plot in You is a metalcore band from America, and when they announced the Watch The Divide Tour, they brought with them an international list of bands that featured Holding Absence from Wales, Thornhill from Australia, and Banks Arcade from New Zealand. Bringing together these bands from across the world made a unique lineup and an expectation for an amazing night at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA.

Opening the night was Banks Arcade who travelled all the way from New Zealand to bring some kiwi metal to the lands of America. Opening the night with their song “Don’t Start,” the band was ready to get the crowd moving in California. Lead singer Joshua O’Donnell knows how to charm the crowd with his mesh top, along with bringing a rhythm to the crowd on guitar. Bassist Harlan Allen-Jones found a way to rock a mullet and a bass guitar, and make it look badass. Drummer James Feekes was the epitome of style behind the kit, rocking some dolphin shorts, not shirt, sunglass, and a fanny pack strapped across his shoulder. Feekes knew he had style and exuded confidence on top of his drumming. Banks Arcade played a solid set consisting of songs like “Smile,” “Drown,” “Be Someone,” “Sick,” and ending their set with “Used.” Who knows when these kiwi’s will be back in the states, but make sure to catch any tour they are on.

Up next was some Aussies called Thornhill. As the fans eagerly awaited the band to hit the stage, a chant could be heard being yelled “Horny for Thornhill!” over and over again. As soon as they hit the stage vocalist Jacob Charlton laid on the sex appeal hard. The way he worked that mic stand and crooned to the audience, got all the ladies in the crowd screaming. Guitarist Ethan McCann had style and finesse as his fingers worked their way across the next of the guitar. Bassist Nick Sjogren and drummer Ben Maida were perfectly in sync, creating a rhythm section that let the fans jump and bang their heads through out the set. Thornhill knew how to win the crowd over with songs like “Views,” “The Haze,” “Raw,” “Arkangel,” “The Hellfire Club,” “Lilly and the Moon,” “Where We Go When We Die,” and closing out with “Casanova.” Thornhill brought the energy that started the crowd surfers and got the security on their toes for the rest of the night to catch the incoming fans.

Hitting the stage next was the Welsh rock band Holding Absence. Talking to the fans in the front row before their set, people could not stop talking about how much energy Holding Absence brings to their show. As the band finally hit the stage with their song “Celebration Song” I knew I was in for a treat. Within seconds lead singer Lucas Woodland was already in the faces of the screaming fans and doing high kicks across the stage. Guitarist Scott Carey may have a calm demeanor to him, but as soon as he lets loose on the guitar, he becomes a wild man with the riffs. Bassist Benjamin Elliott could not be stopped from throwing his guitar around wildly, and headbanging through the set. Drummer Ashley Green came across as a true professional this night. All the opening bands were sharing a kit, and Green was the last one to play on it for the night. By this time the rack tom had become loose, and completely fell over mid song. Luckily a roadie ran on stage to fix the issue, but this mishap did not derail Green’s tempo or style while this was fixed. Holding Absence played songs like “Curse Me,” “Like a Shadow,” “Gravity,” “Aching Longing,” “A Crooked Melody,” and “Afterlife.” Closing their set with “Wilt” which was a bit softer of a song compared to the rest of the set, none the less, fans found a way to mosh and crowd surf to this song as they enjoyed the last moments of Holding Absence’s set.

Finally, it was time for our headliner, and the only American band on this internationally stacked tour. The Plot in You hit the stage running and was ready to set the Observatory on fire. Starting off their set with “Divide,” lead singer Landon Tewers, dawning a Viagra racer jacket, knew how to hype of the crowd. He didn’t want to see the crowd mosh, instead he wanted to see the Observatory turn into an ocean with fans crowd surfing non-stop on the waves of screaming people. Tewers kept calling for more crowd surfers all night long, it kept security on high alert. Guitarist Josh Lewis Childress Let his hair flow in the wind, while shredding on his axe. Bassist Ethan Yoder and drummer Michael Cooper were set the rhythm section a blaze and have a consistent beat to let the fans create cresting waves for the surfers. The crashing flow of fans could not be stopped this night, with The Plot in You playing songs like “Fall Again,” “Enemy,” “Paradigm,” “Left Behind,” “RIGGED,” “NOT JUST BREATHING,” “THE ONE YOU LOVED,” “Troll,” “Time Changes Everything,” “Take Me Away,” “Forgotten,” “Face Me,” “DISPOSABLE FIX,” and ending the night with the crowd pleaser “FEEL NOTHING.” I’ve seen bands call for heavy mosh pits, making sure the circle pit doesn’t stop, but it is a very rare occasion when a band calls for non-stop crowd surfers. It changes the energy of the venue in such a fun way and helps keep the energy alive and flowing.

This night was a night for international metal from all parts around the world, and every single band showed what they have to offer the music scene, and every person in attendance ate it up. Banks Arcade showed they know how to start a good show and get everyone off on the right foot. Thornhill brought the Casanova vibes and got the ladies screaming. Holding Absence brought charisma and energy that could not be topped. The Plot in You created a sea of fans that was an unstoppable force. The Watch The Divide Tour still has plenty of stops left, and this show should not be missed.


Matt Martinez

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