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Saturday night I had the pleasure of experiencing a band that has gone unjustifiably under the radar for some time. The group known as Daisy the Great is an indie-pop group that specializes in their notable vocals and upbeat melodies. The group found a following with their single that goes by “The Record Player Song”, which demonstrates their tender and charming harmonies and eventually got them a version recorded with the pop icons - AJR. I first found Daisy the Great last year at a concert for The Wrecks, a group that is strikingly different. However, after listening to their performance, I can see exactly why The Wrecks had Daisy the Great open. This group radiates nothing but pure blissful energy, with the utmost talent.

Before getting to the dreamlike hymns of Daisy the Great, the Echoplex was lofted into similar musicians beginning with Johanna Samuels, who had a sound similar to the main act, with a slight folk edge. Samuels opened up the crowd with a mix of originals and covers and brought the acoustic energy to the Echoplex. Next to the stage was Olivia Klug. I, for one, absolutely fell in love with Klug’s music. They had a unique dynamic that immediately hooked me as a new fan. How could one not appreciate a group that brings not only a mandolin, but a full stand up bass to stage? The group taught the audience a chorus in one of my front-runners for this group, “Out of Line”, a chorus to which I was humming the rest of the night. Both openers rocked the house in preparation for the main act.

At Daisy the Great’s core, is a clear friendship amongst lead vocalists Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker. The two harmonized unlike any other duo I have heard before. I thought it might be a case of strategically recorded tracks, but no, the group matches one another unlike any other group, even more noticeably so in person. They have an extreme intonation that really makes their sound unique and stand-out. The band played some fan-favorites like the aforementioned “The Record Song” as well as “Glitter” and “Tell me Have You Been Dancing”. As well as some new melodies from their new album released in October of 2022 titled All You Need is Time. As well as some unreleased songs, a particular fan favorite seeming to be the unreleased track “Ballerina”. The group played another new song “Smile Pretty Girl” with opener Olivia Klug, bringing the night full circle.

All I have to say about these talented young musicians is they clearly have the expertise and flair to make it big. I for one am praying for their success, and cannot wait for more releases to come. They certainly don’t call them Daisy the Great for no reason.

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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