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The group, Crumb performed at The Observatory last weekend to a sold out show. The Observatory, in my experience, has been an incredible venue as they host all walks of life and every genre of music imaginable. Crumb was no exception, in comparison to my last concert at this venue the energy was much more lowkey, in the best way imaginable. The group has a very thought-provoking stamina to their music while including elements of whimsical fantasy as well as a fluctuating indie-pop edge with a hefty dose of modern psychedelia. When I first found this group, their songs “Ghostride” and “Locket” first stood out to me. These in my mind are the perfect introductions to this group, and with the knowledge of their vibe, I have grown into an even bigger supporter of Crumb. 

The show opened with the female rock group - Automatic. They brought a more punk spirit into The Observatory. The group had a very authoritative dynamic which gave way to the show’s stamina and brought with them a hype-filled rock that transferred energy onto the audience. Giving the headliner an enthusiastic crowd.

Crumb brought their all into their performance. Playing songs new and old, and even some unreleased surprises. The band had a very playful ambiance and clearly was having the time of their lives on the stage, which in my encounters with concerts, is the most vital part. The crowd was clearly feeding off of this and swaying to the beat of Crumb’s harmonies. In person this group has a unique enhanced quality that simply cannot be replicated. Their mellow synchronicities hit with a substantial impact as a result of the live instrumentals and beautiful vocal work by Lila Rimani. When Crumb tours in your city, take every chance you can to see their live performances, you won’t regret it.

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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