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The Half Alive show was more than a simple concert, it was an experience. My first Half Alive experience was in March of 2022 at the Ogden Theater in Denver, my hometown. Then, they packed a dynamic performance into such a small venue. Now, a year later, the group is performing at one of the largest venues in LA! The show was unlike any typical concert, this was a performance which included flawless choreographed dance sequences, a mind-bending shadow performance opening, and an all around astonishing night.

The show was opened with Dev Lemons, accompanied by nickisnotgreen on drums. Some of the quirkiest performers I have ever experienced. They showcased their low-fi hip hop energy with a presentation that contained lots of woof-like chants and pointing. The artist went as far to state that nobody was allowed to leave until they “had pointed to every audience member”. The duo certainly got the crowd riled. Yet, the night was still young, next to the stage was the renowned Tessa Violet, joined by her bandmates. Violet has such an eccentric and daring presence. Tessa is widely known for her bobble-pop single “Crush”. Her energy radiated throughout the Wiltern, bringing nothing but pure confidence and kindness. During her performance, she recalled a story in which a fan came up to her and asked how she got to be so confident. She responded by giving everyone in the audience that night homework. We all were to look in the mirror first thing in the morning and tell ourselves that we love who we are. It was a beautifly wholesome moment that accompanied a dazzling set.

Then it was time for the headliners, Half Alive. You’ve seen artists play instruments while singing and performing for a live audience, but have you ever seen a choreographed breakdance whilst singing? Josh Taylor, lead man of Half Alive, is a singer, dancer, performer, and at his core an entertainer. The show opened with a trippy visual all from behind a large white sheet. The group had lights moving behind them in sync with the music making for an insanely unique visual to accompany their music. The show as a whole was divided into seasons, which added a unique element that separated their songs into energy. The group also has set pieces coming on and off of stage. A highlight was when an old rotary phone was brought out to center stage and interrupted the current song. The entire stadium held for Taylor to talk to whoever was on the other line. It was then that the phone was passed through the audience and a short theatrical bit was showcased.

Half Alive is group is one that needs to be experienced, well, live!  They add such a simulating element to their shows and their performances are not to be missed. If you want to not only hear the music live, but enjoy the performance of a lifetime as well, then Half Alive is the group for you.

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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