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Wednesday, 05 November 2014

Stand Up For Creators: "Free At What Cost" Trailer

Sharing content is easy. Creating content is not. 


For far too long we've sat idly by as the owners of intellectual property have been exploited through new media. What started as a unique platform to share ideas has grown into a virtual delivery system precise enough to accommodate individuals across land, air, and sea - all at the push of a button. 


"Free At What Cost" is more than a documentary; it is a movement created by creators, for creators - for if we refuse to stand up for ourselves, who will?



MaUreen Crowe -

Founding CEO - Guild of Music Supervisors

Tony Scudellari -

Music Supervisor

Mike Todd -

Senior Director - Film & TV - A.S.C.A.P.

Jay L. Cooper -

Entertainment Attorney

Michael Lehmann Boddicker -

Composer, Arranger, Musician

Dina Lapolt -

Entertainment Attorney/Artist Rights Advocate

Bob Miller -

Artist Management and Development

Penelope Buitenhuis -


Lili Haydn -

Vocalist, Violinist, & Composer

Jules Reid -

Real Time Finance



Executive Producer: Hélène Muddiman

Producer: John Anderson

Producer: Ryan Taalbi

Consulting Producer: Matt Linsky

Director: Guy Boudreaux

Composer: Michael Eastwood

Assistant Director: Nandy McClean

Director of Photography: Joel Slabaugh

Editor: Lee Bond

Camera Operator: Ann Kleinhenz

Production Assistant: Nicole Taylor


Special Thanks to:

Hollywood Elite, Hunnypot Unlimited, Manic Monkee, Boudreaux Productions, Tuckernuck Productions, Manage This Media

To support making this documentary on the future of intellectual property, please contact Hélène Muddiman:

Written by  Hunnypot
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