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Friday, 17 February 2023


Nate Husser has always been a rapper’s rapper. Since the beginning, his impeccable multisyllabic flow has been a testament to this. His new single/video, “Did It B4” is the perfect exemplification of that. Straight and to the point, “Did It B4” is a braggadocious stream of conscious from front to back.

On this release, the Montreal native is depicted riding an ATV in the boonies as he delivers rapid fire verses over a beat cooked up by DJ Coco, Ajaz, and Jay Century. Directed by “Directed by Serge”, Husser can be found alone in the middle of field, rapping over a cackling camp fire, and in front an old beat up trailer. Taking flavors from the legendary Cole Bennett, “Directed by Serge” placed cut scenes where Husser is color graded like a heater sensor, with colors ranging from pink, yellow, green, and blue, giving it a real 2019-2022 feel. 

Without skipping a breath, Husser lays a verbal onslaught of rhymes on the track. Over the beat, Husser boisterously claims, “Whatever [rappers] doin’ now, I done did it B4”. The hook is exceedingly catchy, and the verses have the listener bouncing through the song from beginning to end.  Check this one out. It’s Hunnypot Approved!

- Kris Kuganathan



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