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Monday, 03 April 2023


Since Yung Pinch dropped “Rock With Us’ back in 2016, I’ve been fascinated with his unique and colorful vibe. When the rap scene was devolving to drugs, guns, repetitive monotonous flows, and drill culture, Yung Pinch separated him from the pack with a colorful lighthearted melodic California beach vibe. Since then, he’s dropped a slew of bangers and collaborations with the likes of Blackbear, Lil Skies, NGHTMARE, and 03 Greedo showing his musical versatility adapting to different sounds but maintaining his signature melodic flow. His most recent solo effort did more of the same but flipped the switch on the aesthetic. Let’s hop into the video for “Take It Back” by Yung Pinch.

The first thing I noticed as the video started was the retro “Back To The Future” font on “Take It Back” in the opening scene. Immediately, Pinch adopted another darker tone similar to his “New Mercedes” video. This one was primarily set in the lower grand street underground in Los Angeles giving it a real gritty feel. In addition, Pinch is found pulled over rapping in alleyways and gas stations late at night. The overall edgy feel combined with his melodic flow is a total vibe. The visuals of Pinch and a model cruising through the city are ominous, cool, and dark. With the help of Nicholas Jandora on the edits, Pinch puts a bow on his visual for “Take It Back

Overall, “Take It Back” perfectly captured those late-night street vibes of Los Angeles. With Pinch being an Orange County native, I found it interesting for him to flip the script and film this one in the underbelly of Los Angeles. It shows how Pinch embodies not only that beachy soulful vibe of Orange County but also adapts well to those darker undertones of city life in California. Yung Pinch and Nicholas Jandora knocked this out of the park. Check this one out!

- Kris Kuganathan

Written by  Kris Kuganathan
Last modified on Wednesday, 12 April 2023
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