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Wednesday, 12 April 2023


Just when you felt 2023 could get any better musically, another surprise hits you up side the head in the very best of ways.  Released on Feb 15, 2023, "Through the Misery" is the latest release by Diamond Black and one that hits on all cylinders from the very first note.  Following Ben Christo for some time now, its amazing to see his musical evolution continue in ways that one might not have expected just a handful of years ago.  "Through the Misery" is relevant, thoughtful, and sonically captivating in a time where most new music seems to fall flat upon release. 

Why is this song different?  For one, it highlights an actual problem many face today - the challenges and inherent danger of social media that can occur if one only focuses on the 'likes' of their posts vs. the actual good they are doing in the world. That said, the lyrics are extremely powerful and challenge listeners to actually 'listen' to the songs messaging vs. the 'cookie-cutter' copycats of today that weighs heavily on popular culture (vs. substance and longevity). Finally, the trio of Ben Christo (Vox / Guitar), Adam Hart (Bassist) and Vincent Velazco (Drummer) is sonically out of this world.  These guys are fantastic musicians and their talent pours out throughout this video and in their live performances. 

End of day, in a bear market of the musical same ol' same ol', I'm buying Diamond Black and their latest, "Through the Misery".  These guys are the real deal and I am super excited to see when Christo and company take DB in the not so distant future!

- Matthew Belter

Written by  Matthew Belter
Last modified on Wednesday, 12 April 2023
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