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Friday, 21 April 2023


Check out the latest video from X-Raided and King Iso, Legendary.  These are two of the best and brightest in the industry, and this video highlights why they are so beloved and respected all over the world! 

Stay Strange - Matthew Belter


Excerpts from todays press release below:


(April 21, 2023) Today, underground rap phenomenon and Sacramento native X-Raided joins forces with fellow independent luminary King Iso on a knockout new single and music video entitled “Legendary.” Listen to “Legendary” HERE and watch the music video HERE. It adorns his forthcoming Strange Music debut album, A Prayer In Hell, out June 2, 2023. 

Gritty production sets the tone right out of the gate, infusing the track with foreboding energy. Meanwhile, X-Raided makes a declaration with a catchy chant as he proclaims, “On a mission to be legendary, James Taylor, Carole King. For real, when was the last time you heard folk deities referenced in a militantly magnetic hip-hop banger?! Of course, King Iso pulls up with his own brand of bold post-apocalyptic lyrical fire. 

About the song, X-Raided commented, “‘Legendary’ is a mission statement of my energy for this chapter of my career. It’s go time. No excuses. It’s my opportunity as a lyricist to remind people what I’m capable of. Hip-hop is a sport to me. I want to win championships. Now I have the best coach and savage teammates. There are no excuses.”

In the accompanying visual, our heroes face a horde of mutant zombies in pursuit of peace. You need to watch it to find out what happens though…

He added, “The video is me and my dawg King Iso trying to save humanity from a zombie virus. We want to leave a better world for our children, both figuratively and literally. Dopeness is the cure and I Am Legend.

X-Raided continues a prolific year on the path to A Prayer In Hell. He recently unleashed “Stratus Fear” [feat. Tech N9ne]. So far, it has already posted up over 288K YouTube views on the music video in addition to receiving plugs from the likes of The Hype Magazine and more.

“Stratus Fear” was added to 2 popular music playlists, Rap Heavy Hitters on Apple Music and Alternative Hip-Hopon TIDAL

A Prayer In Hell follows his journey from over two decades behind bars to re-entry in the world and a new lease on life where no moment will be wasted—as evidenced by his relentless output thus far…

Additionally, he has consistently utilized his platform to uplift. He spoke to TMZabout the important implications of California bill AB-2799, which bars the admission of rap lyrics as evidence against defendants (and could’ve saved him from jail time). The outlet added, X-Raided wants his experiences steer past, current and future inmates in a better direction. He chatted with hometown paper The Sacramento Bee too.

Last year, he canvased the country supporting Tech on the Asin9ne Tour in addition to appearing on “Still Right Here” [feat. X-RaidedGarrett Raff, & Simeon], reeling in 1.3 million Spotify streams and 338K YouTube views on the music video.

Written by  Matthew Belter
Last modified on Friday, 21 April 2023
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