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Monday, 31 July 2023

DOLL MACHINE - Weirdo ft. Body Bagg Jonez

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the 21st Century. Anyone? Anyone? Those of you too cool to raise your hand, don’t worry. We’ve clocked your shifty side eyes, recorded your scoffs and gave them to Doll Machine to synthesize your discontent. Just kidding. She did it all on her own. Bleep blooped her power buttons, tapped in Body Bagg Jonez and barfed out “Weirdo”, a DGAF protest anthem dedicated to the true art of the indie record.

Hopefully that description didn’t conjure up a scenescape of muted, psychedelic lo-fi bass addled by placid, oversaturated distortion currently corporatizing the ‘indie genre’. Of course, there really is no such genre and no metadata tag can catalog indie music according to its sound. Though a euphemism for a low-budget production, as the take-it-or-leave-it sibling of punk, the true spirit of an indie record implies de facto authenticity, which Doll Machine carries in spades.

Weirdo’s apathetic production, coupled with equally lethargic vocals, communicates the soft aggression of an eye roll. The lyrics get to the point - a middle finger to the social trends, priorities and trappings of the social media mood du jour. Flowing between contradictions and criticisms of beauty standards, winks to crypto and mental heath hacks, "Weirdo" boasts a resentful awareness of what’s cool, or maybe even more accurate, what’s profitable.

The chorus croons, “we don’t need your advice to be something/ we don’t want to believe/ we’re not gonna do what you want /no one said we could be bought”. If buying into the pressure is what makes someone cool, then rejecting that pressure must make someone a weirdo. But weirdos need friends too and Body Bagg Jonez’s welcomed feature serves as positive reinforcement to Doll Machine’s attitudes, putting a friend and some chill vibes in her corner.
The video, though unequivocally low-budget, showcases our two weirdos just hanging no place special. It looks like it was a good time to shoot and offers something so oft missing in music videos of any scale: personality. The asides and impromptu dialog enhance how intimate Doll Machine and Body Bagg Jonez are with the setting and adds a fun, potentially parasocial element to the production. These weirdos are our friends. Hunnypot Approved.
-Robyn Dee
Hunnypot is proud to be Doll Machine's official sync representative representing both Master & Publishing, ask us about LICENSING! 
Written by  Hot Tub Johnnie
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