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Xhaania’s saucy lyrics and fresh new approach to R&B music has substantially altered the music scene. Her single ‘In the Middle’ has recently gained a lot of attention from big music channels like BET, Revolt and Music Choice. She has been able to generate a lot of buzz without the help of a major label which for an independent artist is a major accomplishment. She is creating a lane of her own by mixing dancehall, r&b, soul, pop and hip hop to create a captivating and compelling new sound. Her music video is energetic and captures her style and silky-smooth vocals.

Xhaania (Pronounced ZA-NEE-AH) is a 22-year-old singer, songwriter and recording artist born in Los Angeles, California. As a child, she grew up in a poverty-stricken area in St. Catherine, Jamaica. Here, she was surrounded by a lot of love, Jamaican music and culture. This had a heavy influence on her music and sound as an artist. Growing up very shy, she found the arts as a means to create her own world. Naturally, she gravitated towards music, dance and performance. When she moved back to the US, she started writing poems and songs as a way to cope with her homesickness and sadness. She also trained in different forms of dance to build her confidence. because she was bullied in school for her accent and dark skin tone. Singing and dancing has always been a form of healing and a way she could express her emotions. Living in the states, she became more exposed to different styles of music and dance. She often pulls from these different influences to create her own style by mixing genres.

In 2017, she started recording her songs on Garage Band and her parents took an interest. With their support, she ventured into the music industry in 2018. She recently graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and now attends Musicians Institute for the Independent Artist program. Her latest single called ‘Mash up yuh Head’ has a strong reggae influence and features the Jamaican artist, Thugsy Malone. Her music has also featured on movies like ‘Choice’ and ‘Born Bad’ which are all available on Amazon. Now she is working on her first EP set to be release in. spring of 2020. Xhaania’s influence in music is very powerful.

Many of her supporters have stated that her music has helped them get through major challenges in their lives. It’s amazing that her music can help people and be a form of healing and therapy. This inspires her to continue expressing the many layers of herself through songwriting. It has been an amazing journey so far and she will continue to grow and express herself through different forms of art like music, dance and fashion. She loves the creative arts and brands herself as not just a recording artist but as a creative person that unapologetically expresses her truth. She wants her music to make a positive impact and inspire young people from all over the world to follow their dreams and believe in themselves. 2021 looks like a great year for Xhaania. Keep an eye out for this artist, she is expected to do great things in this industry.

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