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Sean the Star Emperor’s origins can be traced to a floating space archipelago within the Antediluvian capital orbital body of the Star Empire and is hidden from Earth's view. It is also called Sirius Prime – a secret star chain between Sirius A and Sirius B. He currently resides in the Tristix Province. Sean is able to harness the dust of the cosmos and disperses sonic blasts with an array of light and color. He is slightly clairvoyant and possesses the Prism Scepter that was blessed by Vesuvia. This scepter can only be used properly by a descendant of the De La Torre D'Ivoire bloodline, thus he is royal. It gives him the ability to transform into Emperor form and grants him imperial armor and telekinesis. Imperial armor is unrivaled in its strength and has limited levitation ability.

If you’ve been roaming the dancehall desert searching for the next wave of underground sonic planeteers, look no further than Sean the Star Emperor. Sean the Star brings his voguing, Minogueing bounce in his new single, sending Earth a message of contentment in “Paradise”. Best enjoyed under bright beams, “Paradise” is a light and hip-poppy earworm perfect for a kiki, a party, a drive and pretty much any situation that could stand for an extra dose of sunshine.

Sean and his popsicle hued go-go skaters bring to life the music video that epitomises the song’s imaginative, escapist theme. Exasperated by the blandness of this mortal world, Sean flounces onto the street and syncopates his frustration to unveil a colorful, splashy good time right outside the house. Gliding through this new dimension, collecting friends and good vibrations in a single long-take vacation.

“Paradise” is a composite of imagination and reality, of expectations and exploration. Life confined to your immediate surroundings can be a bummer, but Sean the Star Emperor puts it best, “Fun is what we make of the conditions: ‘Any way you like, wake up to Paradise…’” When you work with what you have, it’s all bliss, sis.  -Robyn Dee


Hunnypot is SEAN THE STAR EMPEROR's official sync representative both Masters & Publishing, ready for LICENSING! - John Anderson


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