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Hunnypot Does Album Reviews: Those Who Burn (02.17.16)

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Newcastle Upon Tyne duo Those Who Burn’s debut self-titled album released last October.  This subversive rock album starts off with “Replicant Replicate,” a catchy song full of energy and trance like vocals.  Now, imagine a massive, countryside landscape.  Maybe somewhere in Europe.  It’s got misty hills, green fields, and plenty of trees.  Pan left.  You can see the ocean beyond some awesome craggy bluffs.  This is “Investigation Noir,” chill and intricate, something you might listen to when high so that you can appreciate each note.

The third track “Brassai” possesses the largest vocal presence yet, coupled with hypnotic music.  It leads, then, into “Delia” a track straight out of some futuristic, space video game soundtrack.  The album picks back up with “Cheap Speaker Reaper” perhaps the heaviest song on the album.  It’s more abrasive than its fellows, faster paced with gripping riffs.  “Vantablack” returns us to “Investigation Noir”’s tone.  This time, we’ve got a lone hero wandering our European landscape, coming home from some far-flung war.  The titular track comes next, ramping up to an industrial groove that takes you on a journey to unsettle your expectations.  It features futuristic elements and sudden stops.  You’ll never know if the song is really over until it flows into “Loppe Cirkus,” a creepy, droning song best fitting a scene from American Horror Story or Rob Zombie movie montage.  

The penultimate track, “Non-Aquatic” is a gentle denouement, another track with a stronger vocal presence.  Its protesting nature and natural flow from sharper notes and words to a lulling tone and vocals help complete the album, ending in “Are You Now”’s breathy vocals and quiet, entrancing power.  It’s almost seductive, something out of an independent movie or HBO series with lots of nudity.  The album as a whole is great for chilling, smoking, or whenever you need a vibe that feels like a super awesome out of body experience.  It reminds me of Nine Inch Nails’s 2008 project, Ghosts I-IV, especially in that they both set the backdrop to an experience, a mood.

Visit their Hunnypot artist page for links to download the full album and more information about the band!

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