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“Nothing More’s on-stage chemistry was off-the-charts on Tuesday night as they crushed an impressive 17-song set for the ages. It was clear from the moment they hit the stage that these guys love playing together, and that passion coupled with some hard work behind the scenes translated into what many in attendance considered one of their best live performances so far.”

I had the good fortune of seeing Nothing More last week at Denver’s historic Ogden Theatre, and was floored from the moment these guys hit the stage.  It was honestly the first time heard this band and was immediately drawn into their unique sound – an infusion of rock, prog, and metal. Their sound reminded me a lot of System of a Down yet had a style and sound that was uniquely different. Nothing More, where have you been all my life?

Throughout the near two-hour set, Nothing More captivated the faithful in Denver with a set that encompassed their entire catalog and then some.  From “Let Em’ Burn” (off of their 2017 release, The Stories We Tell Ourselves) to one of their biggest hits, “Salem (Burn the Witch)”, there was something for everyone in attendance on Tuesday night.  What impressed me the most was the chemistry between Jonny Hawkins (Vocals), Mark Vollelunga (Guitar), Daniel Oliver (Bass), and Ben Anderson (Drums).  It was if each was somehow mysteriously connected and this indescribable harmony made for one heck of a live performance, and one I won’t soon forget.

For those who have been to a Nothing More show before, I am sure it had everything one would expect to see and so much more (including the Bassinator and the legendary Scorpion Tail). But truth be told, these were not the highlights of the show for me.  Instead, I fixated on the sheer talent that this amazing band from San Antonio possesses. Nothing More’s performance at The Ogden was tight, their stage-show energetic, and the band technically solid from beginning to end.  For most bands, hitting one or even two of these markers is challenging.  Nothing More hit all three and did so in brilliant fashion.  That's what I walked away feeling after Tuesday’s performance, and in speaking to other fans on my way back to the car, the great majority felt the exact same way.   Now that is rock and roll!

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Susan Wolcott

Assistant Editor - Denver

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