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Love Stallion’s show at Hollywood’s Whisky a Go Go was nothing short of amazing.  It was like taking a time machine back to the late 70’s to see a legendary band like Van Halen in their infancy.  Aaron Hart’s star is on the rise, and I can’t wait to see where he takes Love Stallion on their Unforgettable Ride in 2020!

When I heard that Love Stallion was heading West for a special show in Hollywood, I immediately circled the date on my calendar as a ‘must-see’ show in December.  I’d never seen this band live before but had heard great things about their 'storied' throwback performances and had to catch them live on Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip.  Only time would tell if Love Stallion would truly bring the goods or if they would end up being another footnote in Hollywood’s fabled boneyard. 

Around 9:30pm in front of a now packed house, Love Stallion strutted down the hallowed steps of the World-Famous Whisky a Go Go and rocked the legendary venue to its core on what ended up being a show for the ages on a crisp December night here in Southern California.   It was as if Aaron Hart (Vocals), Tay Hamilton (Guitars), Seth Cross (Drums), and Sabrina Beaudoin (Bass) had been there been before and in some surreal way summoned up all the ghosts of past glam rockers that played that historical stage before. They kicked off the show with “Ignite the Night” and visions of early Marc Bolan and David Lee Roth immediately filled my head.  I could tell this show was going to be special.

For the next hour, Aaron Hart and Love Stallion captivated the masses with a nine-song set that took fans back in time to the golden age of Glam (and one I won’t soon forget).  Song’s like “Slow Release”, “Tinker Toys”, and “Dangerous Lover” demonstrated the full range of this band and then some.  Fans of all ages were singing and dancing as Hart pranced down the catwalk in his custom blue-sequined jump-suit, summoning his inner Freddie Mercury as fans grasped to get a handful of this up and coming superstar. 

No review would be complete without giving a well-deserved shout to the Love Stallion’s very own Tay Hamilton, Seth Cross, and Sabrina Beaudoin.  Coupled with Aaron’s amazing showmanship, this band performs like a well-oiled machine and has an incredible stage-presence that is second to none.  Tay’s guitar prowess caught me off guard as he crushed song after song in true Rockstar fashion.  The beautiful Sabrina crushed that bass with chunky riffs that seemed to connect the dots in a wild and unpredictable fashion.  Keeping time with his funky percussion, Seth channeled his inner Alex Van Halen all night long and it was fun to watch his energy throughout this kick-ass set.

Love Stallion brought their Unforgettable Ride to a close on Monday night with “Big Rock Radio” and placed a huge exclamation point on what ended up being a breakout performance for one of Denver’s finest.  Their set was fun, entertaining, and most importantly real.  There was no sampling, voiceovers, or lip synching here.  Fans got what they expected - in your face rock and roll by a group of world-class musicians that are definitely on the rise.  My only regret of the evening was that their Sexy Disco Legs didn’t make the westbound trip this time around.  Maybe, just maybe, Aaron will hire a courier and get them out for their next LA show on March 30th at Hunnypot Live at The MintUntil then, give their latest release, Unforgettable Ride, a spin on your favorite streaming service and prepare to have your doors blown off in March here in The City of Angels!



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