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Even if you don’t think you know Portugal. The Man, I promise you do. The group's hit song “Feel It Still” went viral after its release in 2017. However, what I did not know about the band was their involvement in the Native American community. The show opened with Native American representatives explaining their connection with the band and how involved the group has become. Not only the whole of the community, but more specifically the females within it. The speakers expressed their femininity and the power that drew from it and the emphasis of feminine strength before the music began. Which was a shock of an opening, but not unwelcomed by any means. 

Portugal. The Man were not the only musicians on the stage that night. Joined by the vast Colorado Symphony, playing the instrumental for the band, the groups joined to bring Red Rocks to life. This was my first time shooting at the world acclaimed Red Rocks, and I was flabbergasted by the environment. Being surrounded between two glorious red enormous stones gave the show such an intimate feel. Not to mention the visuals projected by the band emphasizing their more psychedelic side. The group had a spirit perfectly suited for Red Rocks. 

If you go to Portugal. The Man show looking for everything to be akin to “Feel it Still”, you are in for a world of shock. The group has an immense variety of music, ranging from electronic, to rock, to indie. They truly can do it all. Portugal. The Man not only makes rockin 'tunes, but uses their influence for the better, which certainly cannot be said about most groups of their notoriety. This is what truly stuck out to me about the band, their truly equitable spirit.

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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