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If you were in college around 2016-2017 like I was, then I’m certain you know the band Surf Curse. When "Freaks" came out, I felt like I was hearing it everywhere, and that’s largely because it was blaring from my dorm speakers almost constantly. Since then, however, I haven’t listened to ‘em much, if at all really, aside from when I throw Spotify on shuffle – but when I saw that they were not only touring with Greta Van Fleet right now, but also doing a small show in Medford, MA, I had to check it out.

Their performance was exactly what I had hoped a Surf Curse show would be. No real frills to it, just a small stage they could barely all fit on that wasn’t a foot and a half off the ground in a venue that is a far cry from the TD Garden the night before, but they played their set like it was. They played with such raw emotion and energy throughout their whole set, that I couldn’t help but be bouncing along with the crowd as well.

Starting with "All is Lost" and hitting tracks from every album along the way, "Freaks" included of course, Nick and Jacob never wavered for a second. Each song felt like a story of nostalgia and intense, bittersweet emotion that lies at the heart of their sound – especially Jacobs snappy, atmospheric riffs.

In all, Surf Curse’s show at Deep Cuts in Medford, MA was everything I had envisioned and more. From the drinks being served in clear plastic cups, to the pinball machines clinking around in the back corner, it felt like a hometown show with a local band. It felt like Surf Curse. If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch them live yet, don’t hesitate. Even if you only know a song like Freaks for example – I promise you, after the show you’ll be right on board with everyone you just danced with.

Zak DeFreze

Photojournalist - Boston

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