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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Music Connection Magazine - Hunnypot Live Showcase Review

Thank you to Brooke Trout for writing a piece on Hunnypot Live radio stream in Music Connection Magazine. In this article Brooke shares her experiences at the Hunnypot Live show #383 January 22nd 2018 and proves thoughts on each artist. Music Connection Magazine is a monthly music-trade magazine based in the United States which began publication in 1977. It caters to career-minded musicians, songwriters, recording artists and assorted music-industry support personnel.

Brooke Trout is a multifaceted singer/songwriter and writer for Music Connection Magazine. Brooke is apart of duo Brill with former band member Dave Strauss. They are known for their polyphonic blend of rock, blues and surf tones. The group has just released their debut album Fish Out Of Water on CDBaby as well as on iTunes. 

Trout's article is transcribed below:

Hunnypot Radio produces a bimonthly showcase for The Mint. This particular show consisted of five fun and very different indie acts, following an interview with musician and music supervisors Tiffany Anders.

Little Monarch

The Players: Casey Kamenson, vocals, guitar; Lanita Smith, vocals, keys; Justin Anders, guitar, bass

More than a few audience members noted similarities to Nia Simone and Sade. This blend of two ladies harmonizing to what they self-categorize as indie-pop was frequently funky, with solid lead chops by Andres. Kalmenson and Smith both swap and show on lead vocals. The group also knows how to get the audience to participate, so it was a fun experience. 


Power Trip

The Players: Stephen Perkins, drummer; Alex Alessandroni, keyboards, Rafeal Moreira, guitar; Fabrizio Grossi, bass; Garrett Holbrook, vocals. 

It’s not surprising that this all-star band’s first appearance as a had the polished feeling of being performed with a fresh take that worked the crowd into a frenzy, including no less The Beatles’’ Come Together,” The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” and even an unexpected choice of Stevie Wonder’s “Living For The City.” The Group stayed faithful to the originals while managing to convey a style of their own – a remarkable attribute of a good band. Power Trip really stole the show for the night.


Trouadour Adam Road

Hailing from Israel, this group blends Spanish and Middle Eastern musical scales. But that just seems to be the formula to put you under a trance before hitting you with straight head rock from a band full of solid musicians. The only complaint to found about this act was the appearance of two man-buns: with all seriousness the ladies in the audience wanted to see that headbanging hair come-out. 


Lauren Lakis 

It was incredible how much atmospheric sound Lauren Lakis was able to craft, simply with the use of a bass. She switched between other instruments to keep things interesting. Toward the finale, Lakis’ keyboard flew off stage prompting Hunnypot show host Hot Tub Johnnie to remark that it was a finish with a plenty of Pete Townshend style. A courageous solo performance. 


Alessa Ray

This Musician’s Institute grad knows how to put a show. Whatever your taste in music. There is something worth watching when synchronized dancers make a preformance. Alessa Ray interacted well with her dancers and made her two-song set both theatrical and memorable. – Brooke Trout

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