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Hot Tub Johnnie Presents The Heavy Heavy Hearts, Thomas Golubic, Ciaran Wall, & Dogs, 9/17 at The Joint


DJ Hot Tub - aka John Anderson - aka Hot Tub Johnnie has bottled up some guilded surprises for all. These bands were hand-picked by Hunnypots inner-circle to align in a night of glorious harmony. Behold! All of the musical glory and sticky-icky magnificence of the Hunnypot Parties brought forth to the Joint!

The door is only $5 and the age limit is 18+. Come in, sit down, and enjoy some tunes and food!

8pm - Dogs - 9pm - Ciaran Wall - 10pm - The Heavy Heavy Hearts - 11pm - Thomas Golubic (DJ SET) (Music Supervisor - Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Ray Donovan) 12:30 - Hot Tub Johnnie (DJ Set)


Last modified on Wednesday, 27 August 2014
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