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Dr. OGX on Hunnypot Live

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Dr. OGX is one of our communities finest manufacturers and distributors relating to THC and CBD products. Find out more about the health and recreational benefits of their all-natural cannabis infused shot in this Hunnypot Live segment hosted by Hot Tub Johnnie and Jeff Gray!

Dr. OGX has won Cannabis Cup and High Times for their 100% water soluble THC and CBD shots. Steve Suh got into the cannabis business to help stop his wife's seizures, proving CBD's medical uses. He also makes all-natural potent THC products for those that use cannabis recreationally. The shots are flavorful and kick in almost immediately! Additionally, they come in either Sativa or Indica allowing users to chose what kind of experience they have. 

Find out more about the products and the company at Dr. OGX's website HERE


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